Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server Support Lifecycle Extension – 4/11/2017

The AppFabric Product team wants to share the news that the official Microsoft Support Lifecycle for Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server has been extended such that Mainstream Support will be provided until 4/11/2017 and Extended Support until 4/12/2022.

To view the Microsoft Support Lifecycle:

We have been listening to the feedback from the recent AppFabric End of Support announcement and understand that 4/2/2016 may not be sufficient time for customers to migrate off this technology. To address these concerns, AppFabric 1.1. for Windows Server is now aligned to 5 year mainstream/ 5 year extended support lifecycle policy which is reflected Microsoft Support Lifecycle above. For more information on Microsoft Support Lifecycles, please refer to the Support Lifecycle FAQ.

Microsoft recommends that any new applications requiring AppFabric technology to be built using alternate technology.

Application Cache: Microsoft recommends that new projects are built using Microsoft's Redis Cache solutions: Microsoft Azure Redis CacheRedis on Windows

For more information on Microsoft's Redis cache offerings, migration to Redis, and other caching alternatives, please refer to this blog.

For Hosting and Management/Monitoring of Services and Workflow, please refer to this blog for more information.

NOTE: The Support Lifecycle change above is only applicable for Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server. There are no changes to AppFabric 1.0 Support Lifecycle.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server customers (ie. Distributed Cache) will be supported under Sharepoint Server Support Lifecycle.


AppFabric Product team

Comments (5)

  1. WF Developer says:

    Why doesn't MSFT Open Source the Hosting and Mgmt/Monitoring of Services and Workflows pieces of AppFabric?  There are a good amount of solutions that rely on that and if people are going to use WF going forward, this would be beneficial to the community

    On the flip side, if there is an Azure alternative I'm sure folks would be more than happy to transition.

  2. Steve says:

    Guys, I am sorry to say that, nut below statement

    "The monitoring feature in Microsoft AppFabric for Windows Server gives users an administrative UI built into the IIS Manager to configure, control and monitor applications. For applications utilizing the management and monitoring functionality of AppFabric, custom solutions can be built which will produce the same results. These custom solutions can best monitor the information from a specific application or service."

    is ridiculous. You (MS) are open sourcing more and more code and surprisingly what we get here is 'go and f*!! yourself' Hust open source on github montioring and managing part of AppFabric for WF and WCF and the Community will do the rest, I can assure you. Do not be like MS 5 years ago. Listen to your mates in the CLR or Visual Studo Team.

  3. Sebastiaan Lubbers says:

    Any chance that we can see this open sourced?

  4. Jonas Samuelsson says:


    thanks for the clarification and extension! This gives us more time to migrate away from the technology. It also gives us possibility to share the information and flag to management that an investment is necessary during 2016.

    The hosting and monitoring part that we use is only stating that a custom solution can be built. Will the source code be opened so that the community can further these type of solutions ?

  5. Jimmy Zimmerman says:

    Yet more directionless flailing from MS. Really guys this is just getting ridiculous. I get that not every product and system gets to live forever under the corporate umbrella but when the advice is, "build your own custom solution" shows an utter lack of preplaning. A managed move of the system into an open community model would far better support your customers as well as drive .Net/Windows Server platform adoption.

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