Add Push Notifications the easy way with Partner Center + Microsoft Store Services SDK

With the combination of the Engagement feature of Partner Center and the Microsoft Store Services SDK you can easily add Push Notifications to your Windows Progressive Web App (PWA), UWP, or Desktop Bridge – Win32 app. Powerful Push with Windows Notification Services Push notifications in Windows are very powerful and flexible allowing you to target…

Rename A Published App

There’s a variety of reasons for which you might have to rename and re-brand you application. The reason could be for making the app more discover-able on the store, or making it standout among competing apps, or it could be for a major business transformation. This article shares the steps to rename a published Microsoft Store app.

A simpler and faster way to publish your Desktop Bridge applications on the Microsoft Store

If you have ever tried to publish a Desktop Bridge application on the Store, you would have seen a similar message after uploading your package on the Dev Center: Package acceptance validation error: You don’t have permissions to specify the following namespaces in the appx manifest file of the package ExpenseItDemo.Package_1.1.0.0_x64.appx: restricted namespace: Package…


Completing the Age Rating survey in the proper way on the Dev Center

If you are a developer that has published an application on the Store, no matter if it’s a pure UWP or a converted app through the Desktop Bridge, you’ll know that, to comply with the laws that every country have issued to protect young people to access to apps and games with content which isn’t…