Alexa + Azure Functions + Microsoft Graph = a smarter assistant!

On this blog we have recently learned how to build an Alexa Skill using Microsoft tools and platforms, like C#, Visual Studio and Azure Functions. The skill we have built in the previous posts was available to every user: it didn’t need to know who the user is asking the questions in order to return…


Support multiple languages in an Alexa Skill built with Alexa.NET

In the previous posts (see here and here) we have learned how we can build a skill for Alexa, the Amazon vocal assistant, using platforms and tools which are familiar for a Microsoft developer. The skill is hosted using Azure Function; it’s based on .NET Core; it’s leveraging a C# library called Alexa.NET which makes…


Build your first Alexa skill with Alexa.NET and Azure Functions – The basics

Amazon has recently released the vocal assistant Alexa and its lineup of Echo devices also in Italy. I had the chance to play with some of them during my trips in the US and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the voice interaction. They also have a good integration with the Microsoft ecosystem….