Computer Vision for Augmented Reality

This blog post is a condensed version of one of my recent talks on Augmented Reality and computer vision. Since my colleagues Matteo Pagani and Sebastien Bovo released the practical approach to WinML in Windows 10 and Hololens Unity, I felt it’s time to shed some light on the theory. 1. The Why Thanks to…


Update your Windows desktop app to .NET Core 3.0.100-preview-009754

Recently we have learned how we can use the daily builds of .NET Core 3.0 to start experimenting with the upcoming support for WPF and Windows Forms. In the post we took a WPF project, a sample LOB app which I often use for my articles and sessions, and we migrated it to use .NET…


🔙 Back to the future now ⏩: Execute your Azure ☁ trained Machine Learning 🧪 models on HoloLens!

HoloLens and Windows ML
HoloLens and Windows ML

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and powered by the Cloud. We can now go even further and bring AI to HoloLens gracefully thanks to Windows Machine Learning and Windows 10! Let’s go and make it real with a full working and reusable sample. Yes! Reusable because, you can train your own Custom Vision model and run…


4 Cool things in Windows 10 version 1809

I wrote this post to share some of the great features available on Windows 10 version 1809 that I really liked.     Dark Mode in File Explorer The option to enable the dark mode is available under Settings > Personalization > Colors. It is possible switch between Light and Dark app mode.    …

How to debug Unity projects with IL2CPP backends on the Hololens

Debugging Unity projects with a .NET backend is rather easy. Unfortunately, it’s deprecated at will go away and some point in the future. Then there is IL2CPP. It’s considerably faster and even build times seems to be quicker to me. However, debugging was not possible or only became available for the player. That is, until…


Support multiple languages in an Alexa Skill built with Alexa.NET

In the previous posts (see here and here) we have learned how we can build a skill for Alexa, the Amazon vocal assistant, using platforms and tools which are familiar for a Microsoft developer. The skill is hosted using Azure Function; it’s based on .NET Core; it’s leveraging a C# library called Alexa.NET which makes…


Upgrade your WinML application to the latest bits

A while ago I’ve blogged about WinML, the framework added in the Universal Windows Platform to integrate your Windows 10 device as part of the Intelligent Edge. This new set of APIs allows your Windows application to leverage offline machine learning models, so that you can perform tasks like identifying an object in an image…


Build your first Alexa skill with Alexa.NET and Azure Functions – The basics

Amazon has recently released the vocal assistant Alexa and its lineup of Echo devices also in Italy. I had the chance to play with some of them during my trips in the US and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the voice interaction. They also have a good integration with the Microsoft ecosystem….