AppConsult @ BUILD


Our AppConsult team was fortunate to host an area at BUILD again this year. In total we assisted 173 customers. We were partnered with folks from the Centennial and UX Teams.

In addition our team assisted at the 24hr Hackathon which started after BUILD on Friday at 6pm and ended at 6pm Saturday evening.  You can see the awesome apps devs built at that hackathon -

Naturally, BUILD had big announcements, including:

  • Windows 10's "Anniversary Update" Is Coming This Summer – see keynote
  • Xamarin for Cross Platform Development - free and open sourced! – see xamarin
  • Bash on Windows - This isn’t an emulator or virtualized app - Bash running natively directly in Windows. – see Bash.
  • Biometric Authentication - Windows 10 UWP & Edge – see biometric.
  • Windows Store Unified With Xbox One – UWP on Desktop and Xbox (note: these will be curated). Also A user can flip a simple switch to turn their Xbox One into a dev kit. – see xbox.
  • Cortana Learns Some New Tricks – see Cortana.
  • AI Tools Help Developers Build Powerful Chat Bots – see bots.

New downloads:

A Few Good Links

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