Azure API Management

Inside scoop from the API Management team

Release notes – January 12 2018

On Friday, January 12 2018, we began to deploy a regular service update. We upgrade production services in batches, and it takes about a week for the update to complete. Below are the new features shipped in this release: New functionality We are pleased to announce the general availability of Versions & Revisions in Azure… Read more

Versions & Revisions – General Availability

Today, we at pleased to announce the general availability of Versions & Revisions in Azure API Management. This feature lets customers: Present groups of related APIs to your developers. Versions differentiate themselves through a version number (which is a string of any value you choose), and a versioning scheme (path, query string or header). Make… Read more

Release notes – December 19 2017

On Monday, December 19, 2017, we completed the deployment of a regular service update. Below is the list of improvements, and bug fixes in this release. Updates and fixes The context object in policy expressions now provides properties for The version and revision numbers The timestamp when the request was received from the client and… Read more

Managing Versions and Revisions using the HTTP API

The new Versions and Revisions feature was designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into our existing management API. From a high level perspective, working with a current Revision is identical to the way working with an API has always been. Working with a different Version of an API, is just like working with a… Read more

Versions & Revisions

Today we are excited to announce the Public Preview of support for Versions and Revisions in Azure API Management! This new feature gives you flexibility and control in how you manage change and the lifecycle of your API. What are Versions & Revisions? It helps to first explain what we mean by these terms –… Read more

API Versioning with Azure API Management

When talking to developers building HTTP APIs the subject of versioning comes up regularly. A quick web search will reveal hundreds of articles promoting guidance on the subject. Unfortunately, many of those “best practices” contain information that is contradictory. For example, some will say, always include a v1 in your URL in your first release…. Read more