Azure API Management

Inside scoop from the API Management team

Versions & Revisions – General Availability

Today, we at pleased to announce the general availability of Versions & Revisions in Azure API Management. This feature lets customers: Present groups of related APIs to your developers. Versions differentiate themselves through a version number (which is a string of any value you choose), and a versioning scheme (path, query string or header). Make… Read more

Versions & Revisions

Today we are excited to announce the Public Preview of support for Versions and Revisions in Azure API Management! This new feature gives you flexibility and control in how you manage change and the lifecycle of your API. What are Versions & Revisions? It helps to first explain what we mean by these terms –… Read more

Capacity metric available through Azure Monitor

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of the capacity metric. We now emit a new metric called “Capacity (Preview) through Azure monitor aiming to help customers make decisions about upgrading/downgrading their APIM services. The metric is emitted per minute and reflects the gateway capacity at the time of reporting. The metric ranges… Read more

Import an API from a Function App now available in the APIs blade

With the latest feature rollout you will be able to import an API from an Azure Function App in the APIs blade. The Function App being imported need to have an OpenAPI (Swagger) definition. You can create an OpenAPI definition for your Function App by following this guide. If the Function App is protected by… Read more


A few months ago we added SOAP pass-through support to Azure API Management – thank you to all of you using and giving us feedback on this feature. One of the top requests was “how can I transform my SOAP backend into a RESTful HTTP front end?”. This blog posts will walk you through how… Read more

API Management in the Azure portal public preview!

Today we are announcing a public preview of API Management with the Azure Portal. Now you can perform all operations that are available in the classic portal: Create and delete API Management instances Change scale and pricing tiers Configure custom domains and SSL Set-up VNETs NEW: Support ARM VNETs and internal-only access are available exclusively in… Read more

Release notes – November 4th, 2016

On Friday, November 4th 2016, we started deploying another regular service update. We update production service instances in batches and it will take a take a few days for the rollout to complete. Below is the list of the new features, improvements and bug fixes in this release. New features Today we are announcing the… Read more

Provide client SDKs for your APIs with APIMATIC and Azure API Management

APIMATIC has just announced integration with Azure API Management. If you aren’t familiar with APIMATIC, the company offers high-quality API SDKs generated from standard API definition formats, such as OpenAPI (formerly Swagger). With the APIMatic widget embedded into your developer portal, you can easily provide downloadable client SDKs for your APIs in API Management. SDKs… Read more

Bolster your integration practice by leveraging Azure API Management

This a brief post to let you know that the video recording of our recent presentation at the Microsoft Ignite conference is now available for on-demand viewing. Below are a few pointers to help you skip around in case you don’t have the time to watch the whole video: 00:00 – Why, what and how of API Management… Read more

Announcement: Changes to the transport-level security options on instances created prior to October 1, 2015

On December 1, 2016, we will make the following changes affecting gateway-to-backend connectivity on all API Management instances created before October 1, 2015: – SSL 3.0 will be disabled – TLS 1.1 and 1.2 will be enabled – TLS 1.0 will remain enabled The instances created after October 2015 will not be affected, since they… Read more