Azure API Management

Inside scoop from the API Management team

Azure API Management roadmap is moving to Azure Roadmap

Almost two years ago we launched the public Azure API Management roadmap.

The roadmap worked very well and allowed the team to share plans and collect valuable feedback and enabled customers to stay informed and connected to the team.

In the meantime, Microsoft launched the official Azure roadmap to enable all Azure services to share their plans consistently and efficiently.

So, today, with a touch of sadness, we announce the closure of the standalone Azure API Management roadmap. From now on we will use the official Azure roadmap for sharing near-term plans, work in progress, and completed items.

Each of the roadmap item will contain a link to a corresponding item on the Azure feedback forum, where you will be able to comment and vote on that feature. Azure feedback forum will also be the primary channel for general product ideas, feedback, and for sharing product plans.

Azure API Management team continues to believe in customer focus, transparency, and dialog and is committed to reviewing and responding to your comments on these channels diligently. Please keep your feedback coming!