Azure API Management

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Release notes – March 28, 2018

On Wednesday, March 28, 2018, we began to deploy a regular service update. We upgrade production services in batches, and it takes about a week for the update to complete.

Below are the new features shipped with this release:

New functionality

  • We made changes to the way OpenAPI import and export works – see this blog post for a detailed explanation.
  • Operation names are not required to be unique anymore.
  • We added a few capabilities that were missing in the Azure portal UI:
    • Add subscriptions to users on Product and User blades
    • Configure gateway credentials on API/Backend page
    • Operation name (formerly known as id) is now accessible on API/Operation/Frontend page and can be specified when adding a new operation
    • “Pending subscriptions” filter to the Product/Subscriptions page
  • Azure Monitor integration is now available in USGov and China regions.
  • When configuring Azure AD as an identity provider, it is now possible to designate one of the allowed tenants as a sign-in tenant. All developer portal users will be redirected to that tenant when logging in (instead of the “common” tenant). New feature is useful, for instance, in B2B collaboration cases involving guest (or invited) users, which otherwise would be redirected to their home tenants. To support this, we updated identity provider contract now has a new optional property named signinTenant.

Updates and fixes

  • Refreshed Overview blade sports a trio of useful metrics graphs and loads faster.
  • We fixed a sneaky bug that was causing strange character substitutions in JSON-to-XML policy – for example “9” in JSON was replaced by “_” in XML.
  • We fixed an issue in management API affecting WSDL import of SOAP passthrough APIs.
  • We made OpenID metadata endpoint URL validation errors in validate-JWT policy more descriptive.
  • From now on it will be impossible to delete a logger entity if it is referenced in one or more diagnostics entities.
  • Delegation URL and key are now get properly cleaned up when delegation is disabled.
  • We made changes to how console makes requests and “Could not complete request” should be seen no more.