Azure API Management

Inside scoop from the API Management team

Release Notes – March 14, 2018

Below are the new features shipped with this release:

New functionality

  • Now you can reference a policy document instead of providing it inline when setting policies at global, product, API and operation scopes via management API by providing a body formatted as:
    "contentFormat": "xml-link",
    "policyContent": ""
  • Trigger a welcome email when creating a new user via management API by specifying "notify=true" query parameter on this operation.
  • Local functions, new in C# 7, are now supported in policy expressions.
  • When importing from OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) we now use the imported operationId value as an internal operationId and Azure resource name instead of an autogenerated value.
  • When importing from OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) we now set internal operationId (and Azure resource name) to the imported operationId rather instead of an autogenerated value.
  • .NET SDK for API Management management API with support for versions and revisions is out.
  • Additional custom properties for managing transport security settings on both sides of the gateway:

Updates and fixes

  • Now validate JWT policy works correctly with multi-valued claims when "match" attribute is set to "any".
  • We fixed a bug causing find and replace policy to enter an infinite loop (yikes!) under certain conditions.
  • Validation errors when saving policy documents containing policy statements with multiple named values some of which are secret should not be happening anymore.