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Release notes – October 29

On Sunday, October 29, 2017, we began to deploy a regular service update. We upgrade production services in batches, and it takes about a week for the update to complete.

Below is the list of improvements, and bug fixes in this release.

New functionality

  • Azure Managed Service Identity: ability to create an identity associated with APIM with which you can access other resources in Azure which are protected by AAD. See documentation here.
  • New Azure Portal will now send notifications to developers on certain events that triggered notifications in Publisher Portal: in particular change in subscription and deletion of a user. When performing said operations via the REST API one can specify whether notifications should be sent as well.
  • Ability to make the gateway reconnect to a specific backend (e.g. when it changes DNS, or something else necessitates it) via a new API.
  • Support for calling a named listener in Service Fabric in addition to just the default listener.
  • New CLR types are now accessible in policy expressions for working with time zones.

Updates and fixes

  • Fixed human verification check ability to pronounce verification text and generate a new string.
  • Fixed bug where WAF could not use AAD as an identity provider.
  • Service resource name casing is now retained when creating a new service.