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API Management Scenario based labs

The Cloud Application Development (CAD) BlackBelt team is publishing a news series of scenario based labs that showcase how certain workloads such as API Management, Serverless capabilities and Cognitive Services can quickly add value to customers without them having to refactor their legacy lift and shift workloads. Each lab takes a technical scenario and solves it while showcasing a real end to end business scenario.

The first lab is based on a customer loyalty scenario and brings together Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Serverless components on Microsoft Azure to build a realistic end to end scenario to nurture customers. This lab uses API Management to effectively modernise a legacy workload that resides in an isolated network. By using API Management to bridge the locked down legacy app with public PaaS services and APIs, modern features and services from the wider Azure stack can be incorporated into end to end scenarios to bring value to your customers rapidly. Furthermore, the democratization of AI is tied in by incorporating Cognitive Services to perform text analysis and determine the sentiment of a customer’s feedback.

This lab is available as an open source repository on Github and is intended to be a self-service, fully automated solution that will provision all of the preconfigured components as described above. Full instructions are available on the repository but it may also be used in a hands on lab environment. This lab will also be extended to showcase common patterns for security and authentication using Azure services such as Azure Active Directory, App Services and API Management.

You can find the lab here: and security extension lab here: