Azure API Management

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Release Notes – March 8, 2017

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, we started deploying a regular service update. We upgrade production service instances in batches, and it usually takes about a week for the rollout to complete. Customers in the Central US EAUP region should have access shortly.

Below is the list of the new features, improvements and bug fixes in this release.

New functionality

    "Tenant": "",
      "DeploymentName": "",
      "time": "",
      "resourceId": "",
      "category": "GatewayLogs",
      "operationName": "Microsoft.ApiManagement/GatewayLogs",
      "durationMs": ,
      "Level": ,
      "properties": "{
          "ApiId": "",
          "OperationId": "",
          "SubscriptionId": "",
          "Method": "",
          "Url": "",
          "RequestSize": ,
          "ServiceTime": "",
          "BackendMethod": "",
          "BackendUrl": "",
          "BackendResponseCode": ,
          "ResponseCode": ,
          "ResponseSize": ,
          "Cache": "",
          "Tags": ""

Updates and fixes

  • We now generate and validate a nonce value in the OpenID Connect implicit authorization flow
  • We improved the quality of error messages related to saving and deploying policies via Git
  • We now properly import Logic Apps using relative URLs and HTTP Methods on request trigger
  • In internal VNET configuration test console now works correctly when custom gateway host name is configured
  • Errors related to network configuration and triggered when API Managed is added to a VNET can be now viewed in the activity log
  • In SOAP pass through, we are now using the correct namespace and are able to pick up the SOAP action from a WS-Addressing Action header in the SOAP body
  • We improved granularity of error reporting for WSDL import