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Release notes – January 13th 2017

On Friday, January 13th 2017, we started deploying another regular service update. We update production service instances in batches and it will take a take a few days for the rollout to complete.

Below is the list of the new features, improvements and bug fixes in this release.

Updates and fixes

  • Custom API headers are now displayed in developer portal documentation and console. You may have been modifying headers through the new Azure portal – but have found they weren’t reflected in the developer portal – this issue is now resolved.
  • ‘Account Closed’ emails are now be sent from the correct customized email address.
  • We have added improvements to the import process for WSDL files – customers should no longer need to ‘flatten’ their file before import.
  • When using OpenID Connect with Okta, we now do not pass client_id in the body of the request. This was causing a compatibility issue with this service.