ServiceBus 1.1 stops responding when TLS 1.0 is disabled.

Symptom: After applying a recent Windows Security patch, you may find that Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 is unresponsive. The services may not start. Or if the services do start, they do not respond to client requests. Analysis: ServiceBus 1.1 utilizes Windows Fabric Service 1.0 internally. We found the failure is on activating fabric…


Sample code to save as MSMQ messages from outgoing queues to files

The following code will read messages from outoging queues and then create folder structure as \domain or server name or IP\private$ or (public)\queue name to save the messages as .xml files. The reference is the sample from codeproject: private void SaveMessages(string queueFormatName, int numOfMessagesToRead) { MSMQ.MSMQQueueInfo info = new MSMQ.MSMQQueueInfo(); info.FormatName = queueFormatName; MSMQ.MSMQQueue…


Biztalk job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb displays failure.

Biztalk job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb displays failure.  Problem: The job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb shows failure but all is completing in the job as being successful:   As per the link, the job MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb calls on the Job: MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job The below table show that this Job MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb does run and complete:   So our Biztalk user had a…


How to get the total number of outgoing messages from a remote MSMQ server?

We have to use the COM interface of MSMQ to enumerate every outgoing queue’s message count and sum up them to get the number. To get started, add mqoa30.tlb under system32 folder as reference in your VS project. Below is the code. using System; using System.Messaging; using System.Collections; namespace MSMQOutgoingMsgCount { class Program { static…


Error <No BizTalk Configuration database(s) found on server ”.> when deploy BizTalk application in VS if your account is removed from sysadmin role in SQL.

 The problem: =========================== When a user account’s SQL sysadmin role is removed and only leaves it with public, the user cannot use Visual Studio to deploy BizTalk application after you edit the server name, even if the account is in BizTalk Server Administrators group. An Error <No BizTalk Configuration database(s) found on server ”.> is…


“Large message size” setting can impact the execution of map

  We recently got a problem reported by our customer that the “large message size” configuration(in BizTalk group property settings)    Problem:  “Large message size” setting can impact the execution of map.    The scenario: In the orchestration, the customer uses a mapping can split 1 input message into 2 output message, based on the value a node….


How to use BizTalk throttling feature to achieve throughput control like receive/deliver only 1 document every contain period?

  How to use BizTalk  throttling feature to achieve throughput control like receive/deliver 1 document every contain period?   Many people may not know but this is definitely possible by using Rate-based throttling settings. For example, you can create a particular host with the following Rate-based throttling configuration:       And a more important action…


BAM Tracking not working correctly with custom pipeline component when message type is unknown

We recently received a problem reported by our customer that BAM tracking doesn’t work correctly with custom pipeline component when message type is unknown. Below are the details.   The problem:   We are using Microsoft Biztalk Server 2013 R2. The problem that I am having is to do with BAM. BAM isn’t “continuing” correctly…


Problems with high availability of ServiceBus 1.1 for Windows Server

There are some interesting behavior SB high availability. Let’s look into the following scenario:  A typical ServiceBus farm with 3 hosts. Use the connection string returned by get-SBClientConfiguration which includes all the 3 hosts. The first host in the connection string is stopped.           In this case, when connect with ServiceBus Explorer 2.1.3, it…


BAM data of Port Messaging Properties doesn’t get correctly populated when using Passthrough Pipeline on BizTalk 2013 R2

The problem: ================================          Create and deploy a very simple Tracking Profile with PortStartTime and PortEndTime messaging properties.             Map the properties to Receive Port which has its receive location with PassThrough pipeline.       Submit test data to the receive location.   The BAM data will not get generate on BizTalk…