O’Reilly on Annotations

Ian Griffiths over at O’Reilly has put together a great article on the Longhorn SDK annotations and how O’Reilly put together the first independent feed. It’s a good read.


Safely displaying untrusted HTML

One of the challenges in importing external RSS feeds for the annotations aggregator is how to safely display untrusted HTML. Enter the SECURITY attribute of the IFRAME, a great way of instructing the browser to render the contents of the frame in the Restricted Sites zone, thus (by default) limiting the capabilities of HTML in…


Annotations content from O’Reilly

O’Reilly has already put together a feed of annotations talking about different content in the Longhorn SDK. Subscribe to their feed (it’s one of the recommended ones) and check them out!   Appling Effects to Markup Using an ImageEffect Building an ImageSource From Scratch Abbreviated Path Data Syntax EvenOdd vs NonZero Fill Rules Logical Tree…


MSDN Annotations – bringing it client-side

Public annotations can be useful, but sometimes the audience of ‘everyone’ can simply be too broad. Consider some examples: I read the blog of a developer who has a really specific focus on a particular topic. His/her chatter really interests me, but is possibly noise to the vast majority. Many blogger can expose their commentary…


MSDN Annotations

The PDC saw the announcement of so many exciting new things, it was hard to keep track, but everyone I talked to seemed to be having fun trying. After so many months of silence from me, I suspect even most news aggregators have forgotten about me, but just in case, today I’m going to talk…