Workspaces v1 prerelease plans

As this Workspaces release is going to mean several changes across the site, we’ll be deploying a copy of GDN (including the new Workspaces bits) on an internet facing server in the next few days to try things out before we go live. For those interested, anyone will be welcome to come take a sneak peak…


Workspaces v1 release nears

Well, it’s been far too long since my last post but let’s not dwell on that. Rest assured, the GotDotNet team has been busy at work. So where’s Workspaces at? Well, we’re getting really close to the v1.0 release planned for the end of this month. All feature work was completed last month – all…


Workspaces M1 complete

Last week we reached a significant milestone on the road to v1, with the VS.NET source control provider reaching code complete. Almost all source control functions support by the IDE now act directly on a Workspace in much the same way they would with a local SourceSafe database (less sharing and graphical diffing). At the…


User Samples v2 released today

The User Samples v2 is up and running on GotDotNet! Plenty of changes in the backend, and an improved UI with sorting by date, rating and download count. Work on Workspaces v1 is going well. One useful addition this week allows news and releases made by public Workspaces to be consumed as RSS feeds. More…


CRR, User Samples: Almost there

The Resource Center/User Samples upgrades are running a little behind schedule. Although we’ve been code complete for some time, there are still a few outstanding problems that put us a few days from releasing. Despite some challenges in migrating the old user samples information over to the CRR, we’re now in a much better position…


Progress with the VS.NET integration

Things are looking great with the VS.NET integration piece. An MSI package now installs the relevant assemblies and registers Workspaces with Visual Studio. On loading from source control, you’re prompted for Passport credentials, the Workspace you’re using and a local folder, and everything flows on from there. The UI is still subject to change, but…


Workspaces v1 – Directory mockup

The directory should look something like this in the next version. Note sortable columns, and a significantly extented set of filters, including ‘my Workspaces’, ‘Workspaces with releases’ and an extended set of languages and technologies.


Workspaces v1 – where we’re going

Right now, were busy at work on the first full release of Workspaces, version 1.0. There was a load of great feedback from the beta, and while not everything made the final cut, this version should have a number of improvements and a couple of significant new features. The biggest addition were making will provide…


New site features nearing completion

Common Resource Repository 1.1We’re currently in the final stages of testing a set of enhancements to the Common Resource Repository (CRR). The CRR is the underlying data store used behind several features on the site, providing a common set of interfaces and ASP.NET user controls that can be readily reused. Templating in these controls allows…