MSDN Annotations – bringing it client-side

Public annotations can be useful, but sometimes the audience of ‘everyone’ can simply be too broad. Consider some examples: I read the blog of a developer who has a really specific focus on a particular topic. His/her chatter really interests me, but is possibly noise to the vast majority. Many blogger can expose their commentary…

MSDN Annotations

The PDC saw the announcement of so many exciting new things, it was hard to keep track, but everyone I talked to seemed to be having fun trying. After so many months of silence from me, I suspect even most news aggregators have forgotten about me, but just in case, today I’m going to talk…



Just finished setting up a new Workspace for wkssync, a little tool for incorporating a Workspace into an automated build environment. Hope this is useful for some


Default quotas

There are a few changes in the default quotas that are now available by default with Workspaces v1. Source control: 30Mb Releases: 30Mb, no lower maximum file size Total members per Workspace: 100 Total Workspaces per user: 5 There’s also a fancy form for requesting more.


Workspaces v1.0

It’s taken some time, but today we released Workspaces v1.0 on GotDotNet: GotDotNet Workspaces provides a dynamic online environment enabling collaboration on software projects without the barriers created by geographical or network boundaries. As a free service for .NET developers, Workspaces provides a number of team focused development tools including: Source Control Bug Tracking Team…


Workspaces v1 release in progress

Everything’s ready to go with Workspaces. Deployment of Workspaces v1 will happen throughout the day today, so the GotDotNet site may display an upgrade message at various times. By this evening, all Workspaces will be available through the new 1.0 interface having been migrated into the new codebase. Sit back and relax, all changes should be seamless.


Debugging a WinForms control embedded in Internet Explorer

We’re just working through a couple of final issues with the Windows Forms interface to Source Control. While on the topic, here are a few useful links on the subject: Host Secure, Lightweight Client-Side Controls in Microsoft Internet Explorer Great overview of how to host Windows Forms controls within the browser Configuring Internet Explorer Applications…


Workspaces prerelease take 2

There may be a little disruption to while we deploy a new build. Fixes include proxy detection for both the WinForms control and VS.NET, as well as a handful of other small fixes. The final pieces are coming together – we’re looking good for a release next Tuesday.  


Prerelease issues

One further known issue with the preview site: The VS.NET source control provider requires a writable c:\temp directory to be present at runtime. This folder is used to store trace information that can be useful in troubleshooting, but is something we’ll be removing for the full release.

Workspace v1 prerelease is live

The prerelease site is live at! This is only running on a single server right now and is subject to some updates and possible downtime over the next few days, but feel free to take a look around at the changes we’ve made. A couple of known issues: The Windows Forms control is currently…