wksalone updated

Thanks to Omar Shahine for updating wksalone, now with built-in Workspace selection and stored window size/position preferences.

RSS Bandit moving on

Dare posts about RSS Bandit leaving GotDotNet Workspaces. Workspaces is still a relatively young application and is something that continues to grow. Does it provide everything the community project developer needs? Not yet, but we’re working on it. Looking at a few of Dare’s points in loose order: 1. Doesn’t require people have Passport accounts…


Workspaces activity metrics

In the Workspaces directory, what is the activity number and how is it calculated? The activity percentile assigned to each Workspace is calculated on a nightly basis and gives an idea of the relative activity of different Workspaces. As a percentile, a Workspace with a score of 90.0 can be understood to be more ‘active’ than 90% of the…