Passport exceptions in wkssync and wksalone

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If you're running wkssync or wksalone on
a machine that's not previously been used with the VS.NET provider for Workspaces,
you need to do one of the following

  • Run the VS.NET provider installation package


  • Create the registry key 'SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings\Passport'
    and add a string value titled 'LoginServerURL' that points to ''

That should resolve any exceptions being thrown during the passport authentication

Thanks Ethan!

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  1. That LoginServerURL only works for the English United States locale, right? I’m almost positive that wkssync and wksalone are not localized, but Passport is. I don’t have a system where I can try this out, so my warning may be irrelevant.

  2. Andy Oakley says:

    Yes, although Passports are usable worldwide and, while they contain a locale, do not require that the login be performed on the site of the same language. We’re only after the cookies in this case.

    That detail aside, ‘’ actually works just as well 🙂

  3. No problem…

    Figured I’d drop my URL so you can link directly to me next time… 😉

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