Workspaces v1.0

taken some time, but today we released Workspaces v1.0 on GotDotNet:

GotDotNet Workspaces provides a dynamic online environment enabling collaboration
on software projects without the barriers created by geographical or network boundaries.
As a free service for .NET developers, Workspaces provides a number of team focused
development tools including:

  • Source Control
  • Bug Tracking
  • Team communication

the tour

Start using Workspaces today

Comments (2)

  1. Don Park says:

    Following is a copy of comment I left at Scoble’s blog.

    It might be great, but I see following problems which I hope get resolved soon:

    1. Speed – It’s sloooow. Obviously speed will increase eventually, but it’s sloooow just now.
    2. Zorkish – It’s pages are too similar to each other. This usually happens when web pages don’t provide a sense of ‘depth’ sufficiently. Result is you feel like you are caught in the beginning part of Adventure/Zork I.

    3. Access – ‘Public’ workspaces should show more of its contents. SourceForge allows public access to contents of CVS where GotDotNet workspaces require people to join the workspace to get the latest code.

    4. Tools – I still can’t figure out the three options: VS.NET, WinForms, and Web.

    4A) Name and order them better (recommend simplest first (probably Web, followed by WinForms for power users, and then VS.NET version for those with VS.NET)

    4B) Provide more explanations including screetshots of how each version works

    4C) Improve the installation process (I installed VS.NET version but GotDotNet kept asking me to install still).

    FYI, this is not a plea to help ME use workspace, but a general feedback on the service so it can be improved in the future.


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