Workspaces v1 prerelease plans

As this Workspaces release is going to mean several changes across the site, we'll
be deploying a copy of GDN (including the new Workspaces bits) on an internet facing
server in the next few days to try things out before we go live.

For those interested, anyone will be welcome to come take a sneak peak at what
we've got in store for v1 on that prerelease site. Watch this space for details.

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  1. MelGrubb says:

    Can’t wait. I’ve been watching your blog for a while now, waiting for news. Any more info on the RSS support? A feed for project news would be high on my list of desired "goodies". I spend too much time running through my list of projects that interest me, seeing if they’ve made any progress.

    With SharpReader as my eyes and ears, I know whenever a <shudder>SourceForge</shudder> project has been updated, and I don’t have to go looking for them any more, which is good considering the Search hasn’t worked in months. Did I say that out loud?

  2. Andy says:

    Good news – feeds for project news are in place for public projects (private ones are bit more tricky, since they need to be Passport authenticated, so those aren’t available yet). Same story for project releases.

    Where would we be without news aggregators?

  3. Now that’s going to be freakin’ awesome…thanks Andy! 😀

  4. Ed Kaim says:

    Workspaces rule! I am psyched to start working with v1.

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