User Samples v2 released today

The User Samples v2 is up and running on GotDotNet! Plenty of changes in the backend, and an improved UI with sorting by date, rating and download count.

Work on Workspaces v1 is going well. One useful addition this week allows news and releases made by public Workspaces to be consumed as RSS feeds.

More updates as they happen..

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  1. Dennis Goff says:

    well I have this computer problem and It says no UNICOWS.DLL found ,it isn’t my fault my friend set this computer up for us and I’ve tried everything to redistibute my files and refix them ,but still get unicows.dll not found ,my system says he got the dll from GOT.DOT and i’m trying to see if you could help me replace this file ,I have to change internet connections tommorow night and i’m on a deadline thing cuz of this file my system won’t accept the new connections i’m trying to make it just won’t ,I changed the password user name and put up a firewall the other day I put the firewall on off so I could make a new connection and then it would not work,I think it’s the unicows.dll because i keep getting the same error on my computer no matter what I have tried I went to downloads and got 2 new sdk packs and they do have unicows but they won’t replace it for some reason! ? please help me,Dennis Goff at 903-463-1339 or,I can’t access my email or i would not be trying to even ask this now,it would be nice I have niot seen my own websites for a couple of Days now,let me know ! I have no ideal if it’s usage dates ran out! so hey I’m no programmer but if I get this fixed I’ll thank you then!sincerely Dennis Goff in a very small town of about 20,000 people Denison,Texas where old Dwight Eisonhower the president once was born here! take care and come see Us!o lake Texoma!

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