My favorite engineering practice at Microsoft

Here at MSFT, specifically at DevDiv, we have specific testing categories called “Exit Criteria” – basically gates that you need to pass through in order to ship a release at any milestone. These criteria represent different flavors of testing that your product has to go through in order to be pronounced “fit for release”. For…


OrdinalIgnoreCase is not a panacea!

There can be too much of a good thing you know! Last night as I was scanning through some code, I noticed that all the String APIs were used in the culture safe overloads so thoughtfully provided by .NET. As I silently thanked FxCop for codifying this, I also came to the conclusion that I…


Avoiding the Turkish i issue

There are 4 i’s in the Turkish language – the small dotted i(which is the same as English), the small undotted ı, the capital dotted İ and the capital undotted I(which is the same as English). Capitalization works in this way: ı.ToUpper() will yield I and i.ToUpper() will yield İ. Of course, there has to be a…


My first web chat session

I just finished my web chat session. We had nearly 50 qs asked in an hour or so. I must say it brought back memories of exams… As I went to the conf room with a borrowed laptop, I was nervous. Ok – I was a little more than nervous – bordering on jittery you…


I have an internationalization web chat tomorrow

at  Join the chat if you want to know about what internationalization is all about and how you can develop your apps for everyone around the world. 🙂


Localization and localizability - what's the difference?

As Michael Kaplan, our very own i18n guru noted in my previous blog, localizability is not the same as localization. Designing a software’s code and resources such that they can be localized and presented in other languages thus making it usable in other languages is called localizability. This means, I need to design my product…


Globalization? Now, why would that figure on a tech blog?

Some months back, I was talking to my brother about a presentation that I was about to give on globablization to my team and he asked me if I had read Friedman! Then it struck me that globalization may be a very common concept within Microsoft but it sure wasn’t so common outside! So, what…