Books on software testing with Visual Studio ALM 2010

There have been some pretty good books released recently that discuss software testing with Visual Studio ALM 2010 in detail. I thought I would point out 3 noteworthy books in my post today.

Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 (Microsoft .NET Development Series)


This book is a great in depth analysis of the testing capabilities in Visual Studio ALM 2010. The author, Jeff Levinson is an ALM MVP and has been involved with us in the product group reviewing our specs, early builds and docs from the beginning of the product cycle. The insight he brings from this experience really sets this book apart in terms of content and in the ability to capture the essence of the release. Jeff covers the new capabilities of Microsoft Test Manager and Lab Management in great depth and in a seamless flow from beginning to end. The book also includes nuggets on practical info otherwise hard to find. Overall, I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a practical guide to software testing with Visual Studio.

I remember doing a review on the first draft of this book on a 22 hour air journey where I also included “Airplane food sucks for vegetarians” comments in my notes for Jeff! LoL!

Software Testing using Visual Studio 2010


I just finished reading this book from Subhashni and Satheesh Kumar over the last weekend, thanks to Packt publishers that sent me a copy to review. The authors have run through the entire set of features for software testing in a lot of detail, replete with good illustrations and examples. This is a refresh of their earlier book, Software Testing with Visual Studio 2008. The tutorials have a lot of detail and will help newbies start and learn about Visual Studio 2010 easily.

The authors take more of a documentation approach rather than have a narrative in the book which makes it hard for new users to obtain initial context. I am also slightly disappointed with some obvious missing content like using data diagnostic adapters to file actionable bugs, use of tcm.exe, migrating tests etc. On the positive side though, this book contains a lot of detail on web performance testing and load testing which is unique to the book as compared to other books on the market. If you are looking for a set of tutorials covering all testing types in Visual Studio 2010, this book is a good pick.

Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010


This book is a 700 page treatise that deals with a superset of the testing capabilities - all of Application Lifecycle Management in Visual Studio 2010. 3 of the authors – Brian, Ajoy and Martin are Microsoft FTEs while Mickey is an ALM MVP. The book is a detailed reference for the complete lifecycle management system in Visual Studio 2010 covering modeling, testing, code analysis, collaboration, build and deployment tools.

Brian Keller, our very own star evangelist, has authored the testing chapters. Readers will love the simplicity of his writing – uncomplicated and effective, he covers the gist of the testing solution beautifully. The 5 chapters dealing with software testing are well structured and deals with both the test and lab management pieces in a fair amount of detail. Brian zooms in and out from the big picture to the specifics of the tool with ease and provides a clear walkthrough of the different test types and test management toolset in context of the overall ALM solution. This is a great book for folks that are looking to understand the big picture of ALM with Visual Studio 2010 and also drill down into testing in particular. 

Let me know what you guys think once you check out any of these 3 books.

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  1. Bertrand says:

    It would be great if you could cross post at…/vstsqualitytools

    This allows us to have a one stop on all MS blogs on test tools.

    [Anu] Bertrand – thanks for pointing out this did not get cross posted. I am wondering why, looks like I hit a bug with Live Writer. I'll fix that – thanks for reporting

  2. Palaniyappan says:

    Any other Books which Deals Coded UI test in Much more detail



    [Anu] Palam – one of our MVPs have an extensive training module created for Coded UI – you might be interested in this

  3. Yogesh says:

    Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010 is a great book, The explanation was really good.

    [Anu] Yep – the writers are pros 🙂

  4. Faraz says:

    Any good books on doing UI automation testing with 2010?

    [Anu] Faraz – Jeff's book in the post above does a good job of explaining UI automation testing.

  5. HPK says:

    Hi Anu,

    I am currently evaluating MTM to replace our current test management tool.While evaluating I found out that in MTM we don't have the ability to pause a test, run another test and start off where we left on the first test. This is a very basic feature. Looks like a huge oversight.Would you know when this feature be included in MTM?…/a96cf28b-818e-41de-aefa-8f861e2fbded

    [Anu] Fair ask – we are working on it – this is on our backlog

  6. Ranjini K Joshi says:

    Hello Anu,

    I have an quick question question to you.

    I am using MTM in our project. So i need to implement metrics, test coverage, test graph in our project on release level. Can you please tell what are the configuration that should be made. or where is it. ?

    Example : There are 3 projects like CRIF, Q2, Ektron.

    So I need, to create,

    Project > Release 1, Release 2 and so on.

    Here i want to create metrics, test coverage, test graph.

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