Patch for Microsoft Test Manager released

We recently released a rollup QFE for Microsoft Test Manager that contains fixes for some crashes, memory leaks and other issues reported. This patch is available for public download on Connect 

Some of the more common issues that we have heard have been around MTM crashing when trying to delete the only iteration from a test case, exception box showing up in MTM on when test case does not have “Assigned to” filled, MTM slowdown during long running sessions and slowdown in publishing test results in some cases. The list of issues it services is fairly long and a full detailed list of this is available at 

This patch is a client only patch, so you don’t need to update your TFS server at all – just download and install the patch on the client machine where MTM is installed. This patch is applicable to Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 and Visual Studio Test Pro 2010.

If you are experiencing a problem similar to anything on the list, we recommend you install the patch on your machine and let us know if it helps! 

Comments (2)
  1. Nitro52 says:

    Do these updates get pushed down through windows updates?

    [Anu] Nope – you have to install explicitly

  2. Sirak says:

    MTM keeps on crashing when I am using shared steps, or trying to do anything above basic on the grid like editing two rows at the same time.  Is there another QFE since? I applied the fix you described here.

    [Anu] Sirak – can you apply the SP1 beta and tell me if that doesn't help.

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