Update on Silverlight UI automation release

[Update on 11/14/2010] The Silverlight UI automation features are now released and available for public download here

[Update on 11/7/2010] Last week at Dev Connections, we announced that the Silverlight UI automation tools will be available as part of the VS 2010 feature pack 2, slated to be released in a couple of weeks.Once it is available, here is where you can get Feature Pack 2]

I am back to post an update on Silverlight UI automation that so many of you have been asking about! I have cut back on blogging after I realized how great a tool Twitter is for microblogging – that’s now officially the fastest way to reach me 🙂 https://twitter.com/anutthara 

We continue to be on track for an RTM release of the Silverlight UI automation plugin by end of year. We have a limited preview CTP underway for a select set of CTP participants – this is on track to be released in a couple of weeks. This will be an alpha build with limited scenarios enabled.

I can still squeeze in a few more customers on the CTP list – so, if you would like to evaluate the CTP, please write in to me via the “email blog author” link. I’ll get back to you about what the CTP program entails.

Comments (14)

  1. Lisa Habig says:

    We are very interested in participating in the CTP – Can we connect lhabig@osisoft.com?

    [Anu] Lisa – you are already on the CTP

  2. Abhijeet Patil says:

    hi Anu I am also interested . My mail Id abhi_gets@hotmail.com

    [Anu] Hi Abhijeet – I am sorry, but we are closed with this CTP. I'll add you to the list for the next CTP refresh. No dates for that one yet though.

  3. Adhoo says:

    Any news on when Coded UI Tests will be available for Silverlight? I really like the UI automation tests, but since I develop in Silverlight, I can't use them.

    [Anu] We'll release an out of band plugin for VS 2010 later this year. An internal NDA only CTP is currently available. Write to me if you want to participate

  4. Keith Pillar says:

    Can you add me to the list as well please: <mailid>

    [Anu] Followed up offline

  5. PaulFromCharm says:

    We are very interested in participating in the next CTP if possible? paul.smith@charmhealth.com.au

    [Anu] Hi Paul – sorry, but we are now closed on the CTP. Stay tuned for the release

  6. moorster says:

    Is there an update on the status of the Silverlight Coded UI Test? We'd love to get our hands on a beta.

    [Anu] We closed the limited preview CTP and I don't have another update over the above announcement. Stay tuned.

  7. jcouchara says:

    Hello, is the RTM for the Silverlight UI automation plugin still on track for end of year?  

    [Anu] No changes in plan, but no specific release dates announced either. Should be an announcement soon – stay tuned

  8. sjdeighton says:

    Hey, anything further happening with this. We are currently in the process of setting up Test Manager to use with my companies first Silverlight project, but so far we are not too happy with not being able to setup automation. One step forward…two steps back.

  9. Allen Feinberg says:

    Any update on the release dates of the next CTP…you say soon. I've heard Fall of 2010 which isn't specific at all. We want to run our silverlight project and have this work. Thx!

    [Anu] Yes – we released this. Check out my latest post

  10. Antoine Falempin says:

    Let'us inform as soon as it is released. We are really impatient !

    Thanks for all your support.

    [Anu] Check out http://blogs.msdn.com/b/anutthara/archive/2010/11/15/ui-automation-for-silverlight-apps-now-available-in-feature-pack-2-for-vs-2010.aspx

  11. Siddharth says:

    What bout silverlight desktop application automation support  ? .any plans to release the same in near future ?

    [Anu] Siddharth – nope, we dont have this support in the current plugin. Have you considered Telerik's WebStudio, a partner solution for SL OOB app automation?

  12. Ruchi Varma says:

    hey Anu

    Is Xbox a supported platform for Coded UI tests? Basically running tests on Silverlight Apps for the Xenon platform



    [Anu] Ruchi – afraid not

  13. SAM says:

    Does Silver light 5 version is compatable in MTM?

  14. Sunitha says:

    Hi Anu,

    Coded UI  is not recognizing the  Silverlight object.

    • I have installed the Plugin for Silverlight 5 and still i cannot get the Silverlight 5 application identified by the  coded UI. References have been added as specified by documents. I added the reference to the coded UI project and tried to perform record/spy. It is getting discarded.  The Coded UI Test builder states that there are" no Silverlight controls detected" . Can  you guide what might out missed out
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