Resources for Test Tools in Visual Studio 2010

Our team has been busy putting together content for the Test Tools in Visual Studio 2010, and here is a compilation of those resources including videos, walkthroughs, whitepapers and posts. Also listed are relevant blogs and twitter ids.

Content index for Microsoft Test Manager is:




Demo videos

No More Missed Requirements

10-4 Episode 23: An Introduction to Manual Testing

Introduction to Record and Playback Engine in VSTT 2010

Test Professional Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the MTM application UI

The Evolution of the UI Design of Test and Lab Manager

Activity Centers

The View Toolbar

Column Chooser in Data Grids

Single Instance Application

Artifact Updates

Keyboard Shortcuts in MTLM

Test Steps in MTLM

Basic concepts of test artifacts

Three kinds of test suites

Work Item Categories

Using Shared Steps

‘Active’ Tests

Test Configurations in a Test Plan

What is a Test Plan?

Using MTM to do basic operations

Navigating Back and Forward

Open Items and Manage Queries

Manage Queries – Artifact or Manager?

Test Case Authoring from the Test Plan Contents

Create/Edit Test Settings in Test Plan Properties

Copy/Paste Test Steps

Order Test Cases

Accessing MTM over the web

Clearing MTLM’s Settings

Uploading Large Attachments

Test data management and reporting

Introducing the test runner

Background and history of test runner

Doing manual testing with the test runner

Filing bugs with test runner

Fast forwarding tests in test runner

Data driving your tests in test runner

Using shared steps in test runner

Doing exploratory testing in MTM

Using the data diagnostic adapters in manual testing

Bug Attachments
Action Recording and Action Log

Deep Dives into manual testing

Deep dive into fast forwarding tests – part 1

Deep dive into fast forwarding tests – part 2

Creating resilient automation in test runner

Using the exclude/include app list in test runner

Global shortcut keys in test runner

Result computing in test runner

Customizing work item types

Delete actions from recording

Making the most of your bugs

Versioning test cases in MTM

Customization in MTM

How can I configure MTLM to use my custom bug / test case type?

Working with and customizing work item categories

Writing Queries for Custom Work Items and Work Item Categories

How to keep your Test Plans / Suites in sync with your Unit Test assemblies

Testing process guidelines

Planning vs Testing

Planning vs Testing (Part 2)

Planning vs Testing (Part 3)

Planning vs Testing (Part 4)

Planning vs Testing (Part 5 – Final)

Zen and the Art of Test Case Composition

Testing in a Product Iteration


Troubleshooting all diagnostic data adapters in test runner

Troubleshooting time outs in data adapters

Troubleshooting the video recording data adapter – part 1

Troubleshooting the video recording data adapter – part 2

Test results and build retention

Intellitrace not getting collected during test run
MTM Issue with large numbers of builds

Common playback errors – troubleshooting (to be written)

Integration/Power tools

Test Impact Walk-through

Partner opportunities

Test Scribe Power Tool Update

Producing a test run summary using Test Scribe
Producing a test plan summary document using Test Scribe
Test Scribe documentation power tool for Visual Studio 2010 released
“Test Case Migrator Plus” (Excel/MHT to TCM) tool on codeplex


MSDN documentation

MSDN forum for MTM

Team blogs

Twitter updates

Content index for Coded UI Test is here and web and load tests is here

Comments (14)
  1. Neha says:


    How can I have line break in a cell in test manager like we do it in excel by pressing  ALT ENTER.

    [Anu] Neha – we currently dont have multi line support in test steps – we are looking at adding this soon

    Please respond.


  2. Chris says:

    Multiple line support (using line breaks/return) in both Actions and Expected Results is essential.  

    We have many pre-existing Excel based manual tests that contain line breaks and these can not be imported.  The layout of the test is destroyed when attempting to import.

    I find it difficult to believe this isn't supported and this will prevent us from adopting MTM for manual testing.

    [Anu] I hear you, Chris. We are looking at adding this support in the next release.

  3. namrok says:

    When I run a test, is there a way for me to set up a day and time for it to run? Sometimes we like to run our tests after hours.

    [Anu] You can use the windows scheduler to sched test runs on TCM or VS

  4. Richa says:

    Is there any way by which I can simply mark my test cases pass/fail/blocked for a particular run without going through each and every step or even each and every test case in test runner. I simply want to use MTM for maintaining results for manual runs by build number. Is there any way to by pass the test runner UI. Probably importing results from Excel or a making a customized interface which will allow bulk marking of test case results.

    [Anu] Richa – we've heard this request a lot, so it is on our backlog for future releases. I was curious to know why you want to avoid MTR though – aren't the steps important to see while executing?

  5. Ingr Babu says:

    I have installed Visual studio 2010 Premium. Can i download Microsoft Test Manager 2010 separately? if yes, can you provide the link from where i can download the liscenced verion.

    [Anu] Hi Ingr Babu – you need to have a license for VS 2010 Ultimate or VS 2010 Test Pro to use Microsoft Test Manager. With Premium, you get the unit test, load test and UI test automation only and not the MTM client

  6. Hari says:

    can u give me visual studio 2010 test management tutorial…

    [Anu] Hari – try the product tour:

  7. BadaL says:

    Importing Test case/Bugs/Requirement to MTM.

    With the help of TestCaseMigratorPlus(Excel-MHT) V1.0 RC2 Binaries tool you can Import  required test case/ bugs/ Requirement to MTM .

    Check out this :-



  8. Gary says:

    Thank goodness I've found this forum! Just about to investigate the use of MTM, currently using VS2010 C# & Selenium for portal testing. Expect some questions as soon as I've been through the tutorials

    [Anu] Welcome Gary – looking forward to hearing from you

  9. Rahul says:

    Regarding line break in a cell in test manager as per your comment it will be supported in next release. Is there any  planed release date for this

    [Anu] Rahul – Check out VS updates – this patch is out now 🙂

  10. Roshni says:

    Can i do Automated Acceptance Testing using Microsoft test Manager 2010?

    [Anu] Yep – that is what Coded UI tests are for

  11. Savan says:

    I have 2 queries :

    1.  Can I have the bugs logged automatically for the failed steps when I Play the recorded manual test case ?

    [Anu] No – the automation strip is intended to only perform actions, not validations. Convert your strip to a coded UI test and play it automatically

    2.  If I have multiple parameters in manual test case and I want to run each iteration without manually clicking "End this iteration and move to next" link, is it possible to Play all iteration without manual intervention.

    [Anu] Again, no – because we expect tester to manually decide whether a test passed or failed. Note that the automation is provided to accelerate the work of the tester, not replace him with automation. Validation, which is the most important part of the test is still manual


  12. Vivek says:


    When I assign a bug toa developer, he does not get email and other way round if developer fixes any bug and assign to me to retest, then again I do not get any email notification.

    Please advice.


  13. Great index, thanks. Is there a guide anywhere that explains how to report from MTM for manual testing? I'm looking to be able to collect metrics on things like defect detection rate over time per functional area / tester; defect turnaround time (average time it takes for a defect to go from active to closed), summary of tests by closure reason, etc.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  14. anu says:

    Is there any way we can execute HP service test scripts in VSTS?

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