Pricing for VS 2010 SKUs announced

The pricing for the VS2010 SKUs are finally available. Check out the table below for retail prices

Suggested Retail Pricing (USD) for Visual Studio 2010

With 1-Year MSDN Subscription*






Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate





Visual Studio 2010 Premium





Visual Studio 2010 Professional





Visual Studio Test Professional 2010





Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010





Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 CAL





Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack 2010 (1000 Virtual Users)





* Subscription contents vary by purchased product.

Note that if you are buying VS for your company, volume licensing is a preferred mode of buying SKUs and that will usually be lesser than the retail prices.

A production license for TFS 2010 and the CAL for TFS 2010 is included in every MSDN subscription. And the Visual Studio Agents SKU will be free additional software with the VS Premium, VS Ultimate and VS Test Pro SKUs 

For a detailed look at what each SKU contains you can check out the table in my previous entry here or from this nice little poster from the Rangers’ VS ALM documentation


Comments (15)

  1. Ooh says:

    What about Test Elements? Has it been renamed to Test Professional?

    And what about Lab Management, which has been announced as separate SKU? Is it available separately? If not, which SKUs do contain it?

  2. Lorenzo says:

    So then, there will no be a Standard Version?

  3. Rob says:

    Is this pricing on ms site anywhere?

  4. Ooh says:

    Hi, thanks for your answer!

    Currently I’m looking for a feature list of the renamed "Test Professional" SKU and unfortunately I can’t find anything like that out there… Every site just lists VS Pro/Premium/Ultimate but not Test Professional, just like MSDN [1] 🙁

    Can you clarify which features will be in Test Professional and which ones won’t?

    Thanks so much! Kind regards, Ooh


  5. Ooh – I am sorry for the previous comment that was incorrect. Lab Management WILL be a different SKU – the pricing for that is not finalized. However, the part about LM being spread across Agent, Server and Client is still correct. I’ve removed the previous comment to avoid confusion.

    Test Elements is now renamed Test Pro. Test Pro will be a light weight SKU consisting of only the MTM(Microsoft Test Manager), TFS CAL(Team Explorer client) and Team Agent functionalities. Does that clarify?

  6. Lorenzo – yes, there is no SKU called "Standard". We would expect most folks wanting to use ALM to use either the Premium or Ultimate SKUs

    Rob – the pricing is not yet on official sites. Will cross link when more info is available on the official site

  7. Scott Lee says:

    Is there any information out yet about what versions of VS2010 Microsoft Partners will get in our current Partner program?  For instance I know if you have any role edition via a MSDN license you will be upgraded to the Ultimate edition of vs2010.  However, if I am currently a MSFT Gold Certified Partner and get the Dev Role of VS2008 what edition will that be equivalent to in VS2010 for partners?


  8. Ooh says:

    Scott – several Partner Account Managers of MSFT Germany confirmed that it’ll be VS Premium for Gold Certified Partners. The reason is that one has to distinguish paid licenses from unpaid ones. Partners don’t pay for their Team Dev licenses and thus they won’t benefit from Ultimate offer.

  9. Scott – here is a link that has info on the partner program for VS:

  10. Arvind says:

    Has anyone tried to download and install VSTS 2010 RC (either from MSDN or this link

    The setup exe throws an error (unable to open package).

  11. Arvind – can you please report this issue on ? We have had several successful installs of the RC – so, we should be able to investigate your specific problem closely

  12. Ben Leane says:

    Any word on Test Professional availability in the partner programs? That Partner Program link has all the details for Visual Studio, but no mention of how many Test Professional licenses are available to partners.

  13. Ben – The link should be updated soon with that info. Do write to me if we dont have that info up in the next week or so

  14. lvasiliou says:

    I am getting confused 😀 My company is a Gold Partner. Does that mean we need to buy any licenses to use TFS 2010 internally?

    [Anu] TFS 2010 is available with the MSDN subscription. But for more details, write to me on my mail pls.

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