Our first raving fan for Team Test in VSTS 2010!

Yay - I finally got to see our Dev10 Team Test bits being used in production! E&D team in in MSIT, India is going live on VSTS 2010 for their test case management. These guys are pretty avid dogfooders and have taken to the product pretty fast - creating their test cases, plans, suites...on the server and using Test and Lab Manager in their daily lives. We have a whole slew of early adopters using VSTS 2010 for production and MSIT, our internal IT division is an important dogfooder for us.

As Amit tells us all the time, one of our goals for VSTT 2010 is to create “raving fans” of our product - and it's great to see our first local raving fan for Team Test!  🙂

Comments (2)

  1. If you really want raving fan, make the install work. Right now it’s nothing to rave about.

  2. Ouch. Sorry about your install experience, Jayaram. I know this has been a hassle. Internally, it’s our top priority and we continue to make efforts to improve the setup to reduce the end user pain. Thanks for reporting your issues on Connect. I hope you like the install experience in RTM better.

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