Creating UI automation without writing a single line of code or script!

Check out this totally kickass feature in VSTS 2010 aka Dev10 – the Coded UI Test (CUIT). This is a brand new test type in VSTT that lets users do functional UI automation. As GUI testers will already know, UI automation is one of the most tedious to write and get all the timing right. What CUIT will do for you is to automatically generate C# or VB.NET code from a series of recorded actions that you did while testing your app. Adding validations is a breeze – just point and click. Point to the object you want, pick the property you want to validate and type in the expected value – this validation gets automatically generated.

For more on CUIT, check out this cool video on Channel 9 – this shows an end to end demo of how to create and run a CUIT. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Gadigeppa says:

    Dear Anu,

    I am using VSTS 2008 in our project, I have to write script in c# to automate GUI testing. can you please helpme in scripting by giving valuble suggestions how to go ahead..?

    PL:customer expecting to use VSTS-2008.



  2. Hi Gadigeppa – the CUI test type I mention in the blog is available only in VSTS 2010, I am afraid.

    But for VSTS 2008, you can still use the unit test type to write your UI automation tests using other libraries and run those in VS. More info on 2008 can be found in msdn:

  3. Gadigeppa says:

    Hi Anutthara,

    I am writing automation script for entire system, since I have to use GUI for testing I thought UI automation will be the good option.

         If you have an idea how to use and which all the librries to use for GUI system testing[like accuss contorls of window,child window,buttons,menus,list box……etc] please let me  know.



  4. Gadigeppa says:

    Hi Anutthara,

    I am automation test script for system testing. since I need to test GUI, if you have reference material,or sample scripting methods, please share so it will be helpful for me to quickly start scripting.

    I found UI-AUtomation API is good for GUI automation, can you please chk is this the feaseable solution to go for GUI automation testing.

    Thanks in adavance.



  5. Gadigeppa –

    I’d suggest you read the basics of UI automation on some of the well know testing sites (like stickyminds or Dr. Dobb’s) to get a good starting point.

    By UI automation API, I assume you meant the UIA fx from MSFT:

    This is indeed good to use for UI automation. However, you would need to use this to build your own libraries and then use the libraries in turn to drive your app. More info can be found at the same link.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Gadigeppa says:

    Hi Anutthara,

    I gone through the link you have told, if you have find any scripting example or if you have scripting using UI automation for GUI  testing  can you please share to me.



  7. Let’s follow this up offline. You can mail me at anutthar at microsoft dot com

  8. Tom says:

    There is an open source plug-in for all Visual Studio versions which is based on UI Automation called QAliber, you can find more details in this web site:



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