Rosario November CTP – did you play it back yet?

Right after we RTM-ed Orcas last Monday, we are out with the November CTP of Rosario VSTS. Go on over here and give it a spin. We have a ton of stuff that's new with VSTS in there - more on BHarry's blog.

But, of course, I am excited about the manual test and AFN portions that we built out of my team here. Check out the awesome background recording that we do while you are out executing your manual tests in MTR. Next time you want to run the same test, just "play back" the recording of your manual tests. We support web apps for now, winforms is on the way...

We've also re-done the test case manager from the Aug CTP - there is now this sleek and stylish stand-alone test case manager where you manage all test activity from. We figure Visual Studio may not be the best environment for testers to go do all of this work from - so we have it completely stand alone now. Our team blog has a nice walkthrough of the TCM features - do skim through the post.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try it already and tell us what you think...

PS: Oh, given the huge size of the VPC, you might just want to install it in convenient parts as provided on the download page.

Comments (3)

  1. François says:

    What is the status and the plans for Visual Studio Team System Web Access (aka TeamPlain) in Rosario? Is it avapilable in this CTP?



  2. Hi François – AFAIK, we dont have any TWA components shipping in the Rosario CTP

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