Manual testing – where art thou?

Back after a long time.

I've been reading an assorted mix of testing related blogs and articles on the web lately and I've had a chance to go through some very interesting ones. One common observation that I have made though is that there are very few articles that pertain to manual testing in specific; most are at higher levels of test strategy or invariably related to test automation. In fact, of all the innumerable tools inundating the market today, free and otherwise, very few offer comprehensive manual testing solutions (Mercury and IBM Rational being the notable exceptions).

Add to it, I was unable to find a forum of manual testers specifically where manual testers hang out and discuss common issues/ideas. I believe a lot of the tester community out there relies heavily on manual testing for various reasons. As an SDE/T, I must confess I do not spend majority of my time in manual testing, but I definitely rely on manual testing as a primary source for finding issues with the product. Automation is largely restricted to regressions and a few intelligent coverage and horizontal tests. Yet, what intrigues me is that manual testing does not seem to be talked about a lot on the web.

So, all you manual testers out there...lemme know if you have any good community or forum of manual testers where I can check out how manual testing is done typically, what are the problems associated with it - eyeball fatigue, overcomplicated un-automatable tests, way too short prod dev cycles etc. Or perhaps we could just start a wiki exclusively for manual testers...what say?

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  1. Dag König says:

    Good initiative. I hope that you find some people. Let us then know.


    Dag König

  2. ianwells says:

    I recommend James Bach

    and his book about common sense testing and the role of exploratory ( manual ) testing


  3. vigneshtest says:

     Desperate to join manual testers community.

    I have a suggestion, let us start sharing our ideas on manual testing and also let us hope it grows at a rapid pace.  


    vignesh r

  4. Ashish says:


    Could you please explain me what do you when you say "Automation is largely restricted to horizontal tests." What are horizontal test.



  5. Dag/Vignesh – here is a forum for generic software discussion; I am hoping it will generate quite a bit of interest with the manual testers around.

    Ian – Yes I agree, James Bach rocks.

    Ashish – when I said horizontal test, I meant tests that are not purely functional. For instance, stress testing or perf testing. Many times you need automation to do stress testing; you could not possibly go around doing it manually; this is where automation is sort of mandated.

  6. Muthukumar says:

    Yah ur correct there are lot more website which talk abt testing, but none on manual testing only – the process, define, documents, templates etc… some repeat the same topic. none said this wat manual testing – process, define, doc etc…

  7. pratibha21 says:

    Even i am desperate to join some explicit manual testing forum as m hard core manual tester. 🙂

    & i also came across this discussion when i was searching for common problems faced by manula testers..(now i am thinkin what sort of manual tester i am … that i came in search of problem and not solution ;)..but , seriously in case you have some such discussion forums just for manula testers .. please do let me know…

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