Snip snip snip

Remember the screen capture tools I had asked you folks about? Check out the Snipping tool that ships with Vista. It’s a cute little tool in All Programs->Accessories that lets you capture any portion of the screen and then gives handy tools like markers and highlighters to annotate your screenshot. You can directly mail the…


How do you add same test to multiple test lists?

Ok – I have to log this one…I have heard this q from at least half a dozen folks. In the VSTT Test Manager, how do you add tests to multiple test lists? For those of you that have used pre RTM builds, you must have seen the drag and drop feature where I could…


Who said taking screenshots was easy?

Continuing the manual test thread that I started last week, here is a pain point that I experienced first hand while doing a bout of manual testing during a bug bash yesterday. When I file a bug, I need to attach an image to the bug to elucidate the erring scenario. Each time I had…


Manual testing – where art thou?

Back after a long time. I’ve been reading an assorted mix of testing related blogs and articles on the web lately and I’ve had a chance to go through some very interesting ones. One common observation that I have made though is that there are very few articles that pertain to manual testing in specific;…


Just tried BLinq

I tried the new BLinq download today and I really liked it. In fact I was impressed enough to come out of my long blogging hiatus to let you know that it is really cool. Just a simple command line call and there is a neat little web interface to your huge database auto generated….


Using Team Build with VSS or your own source control

So – you saw Team Build and liked it’s cool features that show which check ins went into the build, what work items were resolved in the checkins that went in, running unit tests as part of the build process and displaying results in that nifty little table on the build report. But, what if…


How do I write a test spec?

Jeke Green asks me via the Email link “Hi Anutthara, I enjoyed reading your Spec Reviews for world class testers post and esp liked the world class testers part 🙂 I am new to testing and want to understand how to write a “world class” test plan firstly. Is there any resource that you would recommend for that?”…


Estimate, guesstimate, pest-i-mate

You are sitting in your office peacefully looking at the newly written specs for v1.1 of your product. You poke around at some code for that tool you always wanted to write – but the ship pressures didn’t let you. As you glance at your inbox, there is an innocuous looking mail from your test…


Here – have a piece of cake! TFS Ships!!!

And we had a great party to celebrate the ship here at IDC. Here’s our ship cake and celebratory champagne: Behind the cake is a giant CD with the pics of the Team Build and Converter team members. There is no way I can explain how it feels to ship a product and I won’t even…