Project files are back for web projects in VS 2005!

That’s almost true …. 🙂 Last week I was involved with testing an add in that the ASP.NET team was working on – it is called “Web deployment projects”. This is an add in that will be shipped about the same time as VS 2005. Having used VS 2003 back in school, when I joined…


Running tests in Team Build – 3

What do I need to do to run Web tests/ASP.NET unit tests with Team Foundation Build?ASP.NET unit tests or Web tests can be run on Web sites deployed using Web Development server or IIS. For any test, the deploying server must be specified. The examples below show the code to be written for each:Running an…


Running tests in Team Build – 2

How do I enable code coverage in my build? Code coverage can be enabled by adding the desired assembly to instrument in the Code Coverage tab of the test run configuration editor. You can just add the assemblies that must be instrumented, save the test run configuration file, and check in into the team project….


Running tests in Team Build – 1

Why would I want to run tests as part of build process? During the building of any given product, you may want to run tests after each build in order to scout the basic quality of the new build. Or maybe developers writing different parts of the product would like to run unit tests against…


I am back!

Hi! After a looooong break, I am back again. So what kept me so long…..first, we had to ship beta 3 of VSTS in September. That meant the entire test team was heads down in a 4 week full test pass to ensure we run our entire colossal set of tests against the product. Second, as many of…