Oracle Applications Unlimited and Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Oracle set to release new versions of all the Applicatons (SEBL,JDE and PSFT). Good news for SQL Server 2005 customers. All the major apps support SQL Server 2005 (x32,x64 and IA64). At Oracle Open World in October 2006, John Wookey, SVP of Oracle spoke of the importance of SQL Server for Oracle Apps.


"We are sincere and passionate about continuing to support [IBM] DB2 and [Microsoft] SQL Server. You will continue to see great support for those platforms," Wookey said.


This is great news for SQL Serves customers who want to sorround Oracle Applications with innovative dataplatform as well as Business Intelligence to get more value from Oracle Apps.

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  1. MiloAus says:

    That’s nice in theory. Practice does not support the above statement at least not in my case in Siebel implementation with SQL Server 2005 database platform.

    After checking indexes on SQL Server I found 87 redundant indexes in SQL Server that will increase size of OLTP create overheads in indexes maintenance during INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE operations. After speaking with Siebel support people, the answer is that removing existing indexes is not recommanded and by performing this operation the SQL Server will process data with less overgeads but in other hand it will make Oracle slow (despite the fact that we use SQL Server as backand). My conclusion was that their concern is more related to Oracle performance than to SQL Server.

    Something is strange here. When I mention that I will remove duplicate indexes, thy warned me that it will create support issues.

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