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At Siebel Customer World, the Microsoft | Siebel Alliance Team sat down with several Siebel Product Managers and Microsoft Solution architects working with Siebel to talk about Siebel Component Assembly on Microsoft .Net, Siebel Office Integration and the world-record Siebel benchmarks and scalability on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. These interviews, conducted by Bhushan Nene, Solution Architect, Microsoft Siebel Alliance, have been recorded and can be reviewed.


Title: Siebel Component Assembly Smart Client and Service Oriented Applications


Interviewees: Matt Howard: Product Manager, User Interface Frameworks, Siebel Systems

Chris Keyser: Lead Architect, Microsoft

Mark Feinholz: Solution Architect, Microsoft


Chris Keyser discusses the importance of Service Orientation (SO) and the Microsoft platform and technologies that enable development of SO Applications. Matt Howard of Siebel System’s discusses how Siebel Component Assembly (SCA) for Microsoft .Net will enable customers to simplify and speed the development of custom CRM applications. SCA will greatly simplify deployment and management and enhance end-user experience through native support for web services, utilization of smart client technology built on VS 2005 Windows Forms, Integration with Microsoft Office System and native support for Microsoft’s latest server technology. Matt shows a demo of SCA and highlights the how smart clients provide an adaptive and interactive experience by utilizing local resources and intelligently connecting to distributed data sources. Mark Feinholz discusses his experiences working onsite with Siebel and interfacing with Microsoft Visual Studio group.


Title: Siebel on SQL Server – Architecture and Scalability


Interviewees: Farinaz Farsai: Product Manager, Core Architecture Group, Siebel Systems and Siva Raghupathy: Program Manager, Microsoft


Farinaz is responsible Architecture and the Siebel Platform Sizing and Performance Program (PSPP) – a standard benchmark developed and certified by Siebel. Siva Raghupathy works for the SQL Server Product Unit and is focused on optimization, tuning and scalability of Siebel Applications on SQL Server. Siebel customers use the PSPP to plan and size their Siebel infrastructure. In this video Farinaz and Siva discuss the world-record 30,000 concurrent user Siebel PSPP benchmark on SQL Server 2005. They also discuss the dramatic improvements in performance, scalability and manageability that Siebel customers can realize with SQL Server 2005 and 64 bit computing.


Title: Siebel and Microsoft Office Integration


Interviewees: Robert White: Product Manager, Microsoft Office Integration, Siebel Systems


Rob White, Product Manager at Siebel discusses the importance of integrating Microsoft Office with Siebel Sales, Service and Business Applications. Siebel Component Assembly (SCA) customers will benefit from direct access to e-mail, Exchange, calendar and contacts. In addition, customers can export data directly to Microsoft Word 2003 and can use Smart Tag recognition in Office 2003. Information workers can work with the tools they are most familiar with, which increases productivity. Siebel Component Assembly for .NET also supports Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and Office Live Communications Server 2005, enabling customers to collaboratively address business issues in real time. Rob demonstrates this functionality with a demo of SCA.


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