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Hi all,
My team which is involved in the development of DHCP service is preparing for a upcoming chat session titled: Configuring and Deploying DHCP with Windows Server 2003, Part 3.
Join us on January 20, 2005 to discuss tips, techniques and best practices to Configure and Deploy DHCP with Windows Server 2003. This is your chance to talk about your problems and experiences in deploying DHCP in your Microsoft Windows Networking Environment. Share with us what you like to see improved.
We are want to hear from our customers!
Time: (January 20, 2005, 10:00 - 11:00 A.M. Pacific Time)
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  1. Dams says:

    Dear A J Anto,

    I have query about the DHCP Scripting.

    I have created script to add reserved IPs to different server on our domain. But unfortunately I dont have Local Admin rights of DC. I am a member of Domain Admins but not Enterprise Admin or Local Admin.

    That is why whenever I run the command exec from NETSH mode, it gives following error:

    "Unable to determine the DHCP Server version for the Server"

    I searched from Micrsoft I found to run such commands you should be a Local Admin groups member.

    I just want to know is there any alternate to this?

    Best regards,


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