Bitmap.Save() Method

On pre-Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, because the image encoders are not available in the OS, NETCF V2 does not support saving bitmaps into Gif, Jpeg or Png formats; only the Bmp format is supported. A NotSupportedException is thrown when you call the method on Pocket PC 2003 devices. All four file formats are supported in Windows Mobile…


Multicast Sockets Sharing a Port

Because multicasting is a one to many communication, there maybe some occasions when you would like multiple UdpClient instances on the same machine to receive data from the same multicast group and port. To do this, you would need to set the SO_REUSEADDR socket option before joining the multicast group. Here are some sample codes that…


Splash Screen on Pocket PC

Sometimes it would be nice to add a splash screen to your Pocket PC application. You can show your company logo, product title, product logo as well as other information on the splash screen. On .NET Framework, you may use two Application.Run() calls, passing the splash screen form to the first call and the main…


Power Notifications and Serial Port

NETCF V2 adds the support of a managed SerialPort class to allow developers to directly access the serial ports on mobile devices, enabling communication with GPS, bar code readers, or other mobile devices within managed code. These peripherals may be sending data to the device on a continuous or intermittent basis. Thus, it is important that…


Scrolling with Dial Pad on SmartPhone

NETCF V2 adds the AutoScroll feature, showing scrollbars on a form when one of its controls is outside the visible region of the form. To enable auto scrolling, simply set the AutoScroll property of the form to true. To change the visible region of the form, you just need to click the buttons of the scrollbars…


HttpWebRequest: Timeout and ReadWriteTimeout

In NETCF V1, when a HttpWebRequest fails due to a timeout, a WebException is thrown with this exception message: System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed-out. This means that the request cannot be completed within the timeout value, which can be set through the Timeout property in HttpWebRequest. The default value for this Timeout property is 100 seconds….


First Blog

Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Anthony Wong. I am working for the .NET Compact Framework group at Microsoft in Redmond, WA. My job duties include quality assurance for the PMEs in core networking (System.Net), GUI (System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing) and BCL. Let me give a little background about myself. I…