T-SQL casing conventions feedback

Thanks everyone for the great blog and email comments on how we should deal with T-SQL casing conventions.


There was a lot of interesting feedback on casing conventions for T-SQL. In summary, the main feedback was

  • Default capitalization should follow the documentation
  • Capitalization has value for all the non-Visual Studio tools people use
  • Intellisense should automatically capitalize according to user preferences
  • Intellisense and color-coding should work for T-SQL embedded in, say, Visual Basic source code
  • Many are moving to a .Net code style of naming but other conventions are in common use.


If you are interested in the operational side of database development MSDN has a great series of talks by Kimberly Tripp at http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/msdnsqlserver2005.mspx.


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