Using Powershell to Correct 9325 Events in Exchange 2007

Per knowledge base article 936197, Exchange 2007 may be dropping recipients from the Offline Address book and generating any of the following errors in the event log (note that diagnostic logging on the Exchange server needs to be set to High or Expert to see these events).   Event Type:       Error Event Source:     MSExchangeSA Event…


Mailbox Cleanup After Cross Organizational Moves

I thought I would share some code I wrote for doing bulk mailbox cleanups on Exchange 2003 for cross-organizational mailbox moves.  This code is nearly identical to that in my previous post, but this one takes an input file to process several mailboxes at once.  The input file must be tab-separated and contain the distinguished…


Moving Mailboxes Cross Organizations in Exchange 2007

I’ve seen a number of posts on other blogs talking about the new features of Exchange 2007 and the ability now to move mailboxes across organizations.  I currently have a customer engaged in a major consolidation of multiple Exchange 2003 organizations into a single forest, single Exchange 2007 organization.  The design for this customer calls…


Enumerating Folder Structures with VBScript to Extract ID3 Information from MP3 Files

Okay, so this has nothing to do with federated infrastructure.  However, occasionally, I come across something worth preserving so I wanted to make sure I wrote it down.  The hat tip here really goes to Antonin Foller (, but I did make some modifications to his code to make it easier for my specific situation….


MOM Scripts – AD Client GC Availability

This script, available in the Exchange Management Pack for MOM 2005, attempts to contact all the configured GCs and generates alerts if either there are not enough GCs configured, or if not enough GCs are contactable.  You can easily discover how this script functions by opening it’s properties from the following path in the MOM…


ADMT, User Profiles With Unusual Requests

I was approached with a rather unusual request.  My customer has two Active Directory domains: DOMA and DOMB.  The workstations would remain in DOMA, but the users and associated mailboxes would reside in (or be moved to) DOMB.  In addition, they needed to convert user profiles so that when the user logs into DOMB, they…


Managing Exchange Federations with VBScript

Recently, I’ve been discussing a problem I am working with a federated customer that involves mailbox storage limits.  I’ve described the problem in previous posts, as well as some potential ways to audit delegated administrations that have set overrides on mailbox size for their users.  This post uses a similar mechanism, but does so with…


Moving Printers the Easy Way

Here’s a script that I put together that allows network administrators to reconfigure client computers in a network printer migration scenario.  Provided the client supports the Windows Script Host, this can be run as a logon script and the only requirement is that printers retain the same share name on the new server.  Of course,…


Pre-Populating SELECT Boxes with HTC Controls

When building web based applications, I frequently have a need to pre-populate the value of SELECT controls.  I found this code some years ago on but don’t remember the original author, but I certainly thank him for making several of my web-based projects considerably more user-friendly. <html><public:component><attach event=”oncontentready” handler=”initialSelection” /></public:component> <script type=”text/javascript”>// You must…


Send SMTP Mail from a Web Site

The following function (written in VBScript) can be used to mail-enable a web-based application.  If you are sending HTML based body, you must specify “HTML” as the msgType input parameter.  The function returns either a success or failure notice as its output parameter.  This code uses CDO objects on an IIS SMTP server. Function SendSMTPMail…