Improving the Exchange Availability Report

So, maybe it’s not a total improvement, but I thought it would be worth sharing.  The following SQL commands are designed to create a new, indexed table, and populate that database with Exchange Availability reporting data from the MOM System Center Reporting database in SQL Server (see previous post on the current availability report). Unlike…


What exactly is "No Measurement %" in the MOM 2005 Exchange Availability Report?

If you’ve used the MOM 2005 Exchange availability report, you probably accepted the default parameters (which are exactly one week from the current time) and got a report that looked something like the following: Server Database Availability % Success/ Expected Exchange Unavailable % DC unavailable for authentication % Other Failures % No Measurements % DOMAIN\SERVER…


USMT V3 (Beta) – Including NonStandard Files in Nonstandard Locations

Occasionally, when working with the User State Migration Tool, it may be necessary to force the scanstate and loadstate functions to find file types that are not necessarily part of a user’s standard profile.  One particular customer I’ve been working with had an explicit need to copy over an entire folder structure of QuickBooks files,…


Enumerating Folder Structures with VBScript to Extract ID3 Information from MP3 Files

Okay, so this has nothing to do with federated infrastructure.  However, occasionally, I come across something worth preserving so I wanted to make sure I wrote it down.  The hat tip here really goes to Antonin Foller (, but I did make some modifications to his code to make it easier for my specific situation….


Auditing DNS Record Entries (or deletions)

I got an unusual request from a customer today.  She is in an environment where everyone is currently a domain admin (not a good thing).  Although they are taking my advice and moving to a least priviliged scenario, things are sometimes slow in federations.  In any event, she suspects that other administrators are deleting DNS…


MOM Scripts – AD Client GC Availability

This script, available in the Exchange Management Pack for MOM 2005, attempts to contact all the configured GCs and generates alerts if either there are not enough GCs configured, or if not enough GCs are contactable.  You can easily discover how this script functions by opening it’s properties from the following path in the MOM…


Anything But Native Mode

I seem to find myself having the same conversations with customers, over and over, regarding the risks associated with raising the functional mode of the domain or forest.  I could name (but I won’t) 6 customers in the past few years that developed expensive (in hours spent) contingency and rollback plans for moving a domain…


How does Authentication Work Cross Domain?

A question that comes up frequently involving federated customers is how does an organization need to configure its firewalls to allow users in a trusted, but not fully trusted, domain to access their resources.  Consider the following scenario: [WEB RESOURCE]—|—FIREWALL—WAN—FIREWALL—|—[USER 2][DOMAIN CTRL A]–|                               |—[DOMAIN CTRL B] User 2 wants to access a web resource in…


More Exchange SLA Scorecard Woes

A few months ago, I wrote about some issues I was having getting the Exchange SLA Scorecard for MOM implemented with one of my federated customers.  At the time, of course, the issue was compatibility with SQL Server 2005.  I am being put in the unfortunate position today to report that the SLA Scorecard has…


ADMT, User Profiles With Unusual Requests

I was approached with a rather unusual request.  My customer has two Active Directory domains: DOMA and DOMB.  The workstations would remain in DOMA, but the users and associated mailboxes would reside in (or be moved to) DOMB.  In addition, they needed to convert user profiles so that when the user logs into DOMB, they…