Microsoft Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch Beta Release!

Our friends over at Surface just released the beta toolkit built on WPF4. The toolkit is usable with any multi-touch enabled Windows 7 display, as well as the Multipoint SDK via the custom TouchDevice from my previous blog entry.


Custom Touch Devices

WPF4 allows applications to implement custom touch devices. We added this functionality to allow Surface SDK to be built on WPF multi-touch APIs directly. As we announced at PDC09, the next version of the Surface SDK will implement WPF multi-touch devices with the input from the Surface vision system. A few weeks ago, Microsoft Multipoint…


Pictionaire: Multi-touch table that integrates physical and digital objects from Microsoft Research

Another interesting MSR multi-touch project: Pictionaire This research project combines computer object recognition and Surface style multitouch interactions for collaboration. It’s based on a modified version of the Surface SDK   It is really easy to add custom touch devices in WPF4 (I’ll write about that in the next post). I’m hoping to see a…


Multi-touch in WPF 4 Part 3 – Manipulation Events

One of the most common usage of multi-touch input is for panning, zooming and rotation. With WPF4, the easiest way to implement these gestures is by using the Manipulation events on UIElements. Manipulation events also support simple inertial physics for a more fluid user experience. You may well wonder why we call these ‘manipulation’ events…


Multi-touch in WPF 4 – Part 2

Raw Touch Events Touch events are the equivalent of mouse events for multi-touch input. In WPF4, we’ve added touch events to UIElement, UIElement3D and ContentElements. Multi-touch events follow the same patterns as mouse events, with TouchDown, TouchMove and TouchUp, the Preview variants and TouchEnter and TouchLeave. Multi-touch events in WPF are hit-tested and routed through…


Multi-touch in WPF 4 – Part 1

During PDC 09, I co-presented a multi-touch session with Robert Levy from Surface.  (BTW, You have got to see the monster demo that Robert gave on the Surface unit.) We made a couple of significant announcements for WPF multi-touch developers. First, in post beta 2 builds of WPF, we will have built-in touch panning support…