Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Final Release

J.D.Meier announced it – it’s here – Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Final Release! Very kind of the team to acknowledge me when I really have only made some contribution towards version 1 years ago! Hopefully in my next job I will be able to create more IP again!


My Official Duties at TechEd Australia and New Zealand

From the TechEd Speaker portal: GEN003Women in Technology Luncheon03/09/2008 13:15-14:15 Bayside Terrace ARC203Understanding Software-Plus-Services: A Perspective01/09/2008 14:15-15:30 NZ Room 2, SkyCity ARC203Understanding Software-Plus-Services: A Perspective03/09/2008 10:15-11:45 Parkside Auditorium See you there!


Celebrating International Women’s Day

FITT is running the IWD luncheon again – but sadly we missed out – as it was a booked out event way in advance – I think we’ll need to lobby for a bigger venue in the future… in any case, a bunch of us got together for lunch today to celebrate – Bronwen even flew in…


On Facebook Finally

I feel like a luddite to admit this – but I’ve only just registered on Facebook today! Despite the various invitations from friends – Gavin’s even thrown a photo of me from Spain in there – I’ve resisted because: I’m a working mother of 2 toddlers – I don’t even have enough time to sort through…


GeekGirlBlogs is here!

Bronwen, Catherine and the team have been working on this exciting project – GeekGirlBlogs. Check it out! and let us know if you’re also a GeekGirlBlogger – I’m sure Bronwen would be happy to add you onto the list.


My Interview Style

I’ve been doing lots of interviews recently, whilst building up the core team. There are still quite a few more open positions – that I’m in the loop for interviewing. Interviewing people is something that takes good practice and good preparation. Good preparation definitely pays off – highly evident through the people you select. For those…


Nerds FC II is now on SBS

Season II on SBS again, we firstly watched my cousin Johnny Truong (AstroNerd) from Season I, followed by the new series, where Chris Anderson, albeit a 28th year old, made it through the audition… Chris tells me that he found out about the audition from my blog, he now also has a Nerds FC website! Gosh…


FITT Mentoring Program – Expression of Interest

this arrived in my inbox today: FITT is delighted to announce a new trial Mentoring Program. This mentoring program supports two of FITT’s primary objectives: Inspire women in the industry to achieve their personal aspirations and potential AND Assist women to broaden their understanding of the ICT industry. FITT has always been keen to create…


International Women’s Day – FITT Luncheon 2007

It’s been a year since the last International Women’s Day luncheon where Sen Helen Coonan spoke. Unfortunately, with the mad workload recently, I didn’t get around to organising a table for the female architects that I know and work with this year. To make up for my sins, I’ll share my key learnings here: Kate Vale, Sheryle Moon,…


Empowering the Individual

Now that Frank is no longer my direct manager, I can only pick his brain over lunch hours. I asked him about his lessons learnt on being an award winning people manager one lunch time this week. His response was: “invest in the people, make sure they have a career path, make sure they are happy, empower…