Building Applications Differently when Cloud Services Are Around to be used

So, “it’s the end of the enterprise as we know it”, there is “consumerisation of IT” that we need to figure out how to deal with. The use of some sort of cloud service is inevitable. One thing for sure is that some sort of cloud integration services will be essential to make this new world…


From Impedences to Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Services to Doing Things differently in the Brave New World

Stacey blogged about the 10 Reasons Enterprise Aren’t Ready to Trust the Cloud. Immediately, the conservative enterprise architect in me couldn’t have agreed more. I then picked the brains of my esteemed architect colleagues Nigel and Greg, and it sounds like they’re also making the same observation from the community of Enterprise Architects that they…


On Facebook Finally

I feel like a luddite to admit this – but I’ve only just registered on Facebook today! Despite the various invitations from friends – Gavin’s even thrown a photo of me from Spain in there – I’ve resisted because: I’m a working mother of 2 toddlers – I don’t even have enough time to sort through…


Newest Additions on my Book shelf

I know, in this web 2.0 age, books seem to be incredibly old fashioned! I must admit I succumb to wikipaedia a lot more nowadays than the good old library… but every now and then, I get a gem! Nick has already picked up one recent addition – this is a great present from Greg….


Virtual Earth Academic Research Collaboration Award

To get a peek into what current R&D are happening around the online geo-information area, here is the list of research topics by the 10 Virtual Earth research award receipients: Techniques for Rendering Effective Tourist Maps Semantic Enrichment of Street Side Imagery City Capture Enhancement of Photographs Using Virtual Earth Efficient Image Correspondence and Indexing Methods…


Via Windows Live

Bronwen is doing some cool stuff for the Live developer community! Go and be part of it!


"Place To Space" Revisited, Framework for thinking about Next Web Business Models

Michael convinced me to skip a Saturday with the family, and instead, going along to Barcamp 2, meeting, chatting to tech brains and generally hanging out at the Sydney Web 2.0 start up scene. Thanks to Beat, I was also equipped with some nice visual schematics (based on the book Place To Space), and shared with…


My Free Intellectual Property Sold Online?

This came through to my inbox today via an alert service: “British Library Direct: Rigorous Evaluation of COTS Middleware …Rigorous Evaluation of COTS Middleware Technology. Author. Gorton, I. Liu, A. Brebner, P. Journal title. COMPUTER -IEEE COMPUTER SOCIETY- …” Wow, it’d cost about AU$30 to get this 5 year old article! Since I don’t receive any royalty…


Launching your product in a new country

Austrade has this great resource. You’ll find a set of country profiles on technology markets catering for the Australian startup/exporter!


Looking to The Year 2012 as My Next Challenge

The ICT industry is at an inflexion point. My career is at an inflection point. Looking at the various enterprise challenges of application integration, business process orchestration and management, services governance, etc there is no doubt still an abundance of interesting architecture problems to be solved, and work to be done, to make enterprise architecture…