WS-Trust Under The Hood: on Channel 9

I have been doing a fair bit of Identity MetaSystem and CardSpace conversations with many of our enterprise customers lately, and while most people are keen to understand the various business scenarios enabled by this powerful architecture, there is always one security specialist in the audience that wants to know more about just how exactly do…


Semantic Web, Microformats and Live Clipboard

I’ve had a long interest in semantic web, having a researcher background and all… but I must admit that the pragmatic software architect in me gives me a more comfortable, confident feeling of firm foundation when I look at Microformats… Something that takes this concept and makes a practical application of it is Live Clipboard. Ray Ozzie has…


Seven Things you need to know about Ajax

At the recent NZ TechEd, an audience member came up to me after my presentation and chatted about the current downsides of using Ajax. Ever since then, I’ve been meaning to compile a list of ‘reality checks on Ajax’. Well, Dion has beat me to it, and he calls them the “What Every Software Project Needs…


Celebrating SILLIAC 50th Anniversary

As part of the momentous celebration of 50th anniversary of SILLIAC – one of the first computers built in Australia, I attended the Computing the Future Symposium at the University of Sydney yesterday. It was an inspiring event, hearing from the various business, technology and research leaders from our country. The words of wisdom from…


Live Labs’ Security Token Service Implementation

Are you using CardSpace? keen to try it out with a Security Token Service? Live Lab has this STS implementation for you to play with right now…


Book Sale as a Technology Trend Indicator

O’Reilly presented an interesting perspective on looking at Technology Trend by looking at book sales. I was little surprised at the ‘magnitude’ of the upward trend of C# adoption: “…the gains of C#, mentioned above, are even more striking than on the primary category treemap. While Java is off 10%, C# is up 78%. And…


Play with CardSpace, Now!

Go play with CardSpace in the sandbox – Now!


New User Interface enabling Next Generation innovation

Patrick collects ‘old geeky things’ – calculators, computer bits, cameras, etc. He thinks it’s important to capture a piece of technology history so that when our kids are older, we can show them what was the ‘yester year of computing’. Amongst his collections, is a rotary dial telephone. This evening, I was showing my 11…