Nerds FC II is now on SBS

Season II on SBS again, we firstly watched my cousin Johnny Truong (AstroNerd) from Season I, followed by the new series, where Chris Anderson, albeit a 28th year old, made it through the audition… Chris tells me that he found out about the audition from my blog, he now also has a Nerds FC website! Gosh…


SBS respects Web 2.0 Phenomenon

One of my all time favourite “The Movie Show” from SBS has not been on air for a while, and a quick look up online reveals this: nice to see SBS acknowledges key web 2.0 characteristics: ‘Consumer becoming Producer of Content’ and ‘Merging Brand Experiences across multiple platforms’.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch Relay Map

Love the look and feel of this Silverlight application on the Beijing Olympics site… time to get in touch with my distant Chinese relatives and figure out how to get some Olympics tickets!


International Women’s Day – FITT Luncheon 2007

It’s been a year since the last International Women’s Day luncheon where Sen Helen Coonan spoke. Unfortunately, with the mad workload recently, I didn’t get around to organising a table for the female architects that I know and work with this year. To make up for my sins, I’ll share my key learnings here: Kate Vale, Sheryle Moon,…


Empowering the Individual

Now that Frank is no longer my direct manager, I can only pick his brain over lunch hours. I asked him about his lessons learnt on being an award winning people manager one lunch time this week. His response was: “invest in the people, make sure they have a career path, make sure they are happy, empower…


Ways of Building a Career

I’ve been very priveleged to have a number of great mentors in my life. One of them is Len Bass. We caught up over lunch today, and we were talking about ‘building a career’. As usual, Len had some great wisdom to share with me. He said: “You basically have a number of options in…


Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 in Sydney

traffic was so bad across the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning – I think everyone was slowing down to get a glimpse of the Queen Mary II ! Patrick got up early with Kai to drive out to the Sydney Harbour to see QM2 arriving this morning at 6:30am, and we’re off to a friend’s…


Housewife no more

I’ve had a couple of weeks leave, staying home looking after the kids, doing home improvement, cooking, cleaning, shopping, things like that. Patrick is very glad that I’m back to work. He is not only glad that I’m back to earning my own income, but doubly glad that I am no longer a fulltime Mum/Housewife…


Sea Bass, Dungeoness Crab, Giant Scallops and Fatty Salmon!

Yes, for my indulgence in some of my absolute most fav yummy pacific northwest seafood, I’m paying for it in bucketloads now… got a dose of bad seafood poisoning! Luckily, thanks to my extended Microsoft family – Arvindra and Beat – they looked after me well and made sure my rash was suppressed with antihistamine and…


Why Do I Blog?

A customer architect asked me why do I blog? I was a little caught by surprise, but a few things came to mind: 1. connection with the people I interact with, whether it’s work collagues, customers, past colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that I meet at events 2. meet new people online that have similar interests as myself (probably…