Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Final Release

J.D.Meier announced it – it’s here – Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Final Release! Very kind of the team to acknowledge me when I really have only made some contribution towards version 1 years ago! Hopefully in my next job I will be able to create more IP again!


Microsoft R&D Job Opportunities

This note came in from HR, looks interesting – hope to see some of you there! Venue: Microsoft office, 1 Epping Road, North Ryde, 2113 Date: 3rd October, 2008 Time: 1:00pm – 3:30pm (Seated by 12:50pm) Agenda: 12:20pm -12:50pm – Guest arrival and registrations 1:00pm – 2:20pm – Presentation by Enwei Xie (China Research and…


My Official Duties at TechEd Australia and New Zealand

From the TechEd Speaker portal: GEN003Women in Technology Luncheon03/09/2008 13:15-14:15 Bayside Terrace ARC203Understanding Software-Plus-Services: A Perspective01/09/2008 14:15-15:30 NZ Room 2, SkyCity ARC203Understanding Software-Plus-Services: A Perspective03/09/2008 10:15-11:45 Parkside Auditorium See you there!


Cloud Computing and Middleware Market Size

Marcus from Stefan’s team blogs about this new research note from Merrill Lynch: “by 2011 the volume of cloud computing market opportunity would amount to $160bn, including $95bn in business and productivity apps (email, office, CRM, etc) and $65bn in online advertising”. Since I am someone that does not get a good sense of scale…


Building Applications Differently when Cloud Services Are Around to be used

So, “it’s the end of the enterprise as we know it”, there is “consumerisation of IT” that we need to figure out how to deal with. The use of some sort of cloud service is inevitable. One thing for sure is that some sort of cloud integration services will be essential to make this new world…


From Impedences to Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Services to Doing Things differently in the Brave New World

Stacey blogged about the 10 Reasons Enterprise Aren’t Ready to Trust the Cloud. Immediately, the conservative enterprise architect in me couldn’t have agreed more. I then picked the brains of my esteemed architect colleagues Nigel and Greg, and it sounds like they’re also making the same observation from the community of Enterprise Architects that they…


Newest Additions on my Book shelf

I know, in this web 2.0 age, books seem to be incredibly old fashioned! I must admit I succumb to wikipaedia a lot more nowadays than the good old library… but every now and then, I get a gem! Nick has already picked up one recent addition – this is a great present from Greg….


RIA Architecture – An Emerging Software Architecture Discipline

RIA brings about many benefits over the traditional simple web applications – richer user interface/experience, better responsiveness through asynchronous client-server communication, network efficiency, etc, it is no wonder RIA is getting so much interest in the industry. However, with the more sophisticated software architecture of RIA, it also brings additional complexities when we want to analyse the typical architecture qualities…


Microsoft Architect Journal Reader

Simon tells me that the Architecture Journal Reader is coming soon: In his own words: “At the Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) this week we released the new Architecture Journal Reader.  Based on the WPF NewsReader SDK, the Architecture Journal Reader delivers an visually exciting, immersive, and searchable reading experience for all issues of the Journal, available…