New FY Resolution

ok, here’s to FY09, wish me luck – my new financial year resolution is to once again blog regularly, documenting my learnings on this journey…


GeekGirlBlogs is here!

Bronwen, Catherine and the team have been working on this exciting project – GeekGirlBlogs. Check it out! and let us know if you’re also a GeekGirlBlogger – I’m sure Bronwen would be happy to add you onto the list.


Finally – Darryl is Blogging too!

Darryl Chantry is one of my all time favourite story tellers, just so happens he’s also a great software architect from Kiwi land!!


Nerds FC II is now on SBS

Season II on SBS again, we firstly watched my cousin Johnny Truong (AstroNerd) from Season I, followed by the new series, where Chris Anderson, albeit a 28th year old, made it through the audition… Chris tells me that he found out about the audition from my blog, he now also has a Nerds FC website! Gosh…


More Notes on Strategic Architect Forum

Looks like some of my colleagues have also been blogging about SAF. Here is a great one from Simon Guest – Nathan Shedroff on Achieving Value through Great Design.


Why Do I Blog?

A customer architect asked me why do I blog? I was a little caught by surprise, but a few things came to mind: 1. connection with the people I interact with, whether it’s work collagues, customers, past colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that I meet at events 2. meet new people online that have similar interests as myself (probably…


Photosynth Tech Preview is Live

I’ve been watching Photosynth for a while, and I’ve been eargerly waiting for the day that I can tell the world it’s available for the public to play with too, finally, here it is! As an aside though, somehow I am never quick enough to make these exciting announcement earlier than Frank…


My 100th Blog Post

I guess a compilation of the ‘Most’ list would be appropriate to celebrate my 100th Blog Post! So, here it is: – Most commented blog: Buy versus Build   – Most thumbs up on Techtalkblogs: Frank Arrigo’s new Girl – Most controversial blog: The end of the ‘Enterprise’ as we know it – attracted the…

New Skin

following my neighrbour JeffA’s footstep, after the upgrade of our Community Server, I thought I’d also upgrade the look and feel of my blog – do you like the new Paperclip – Summer look? That’s how I feel! really looking forward to spending a nice long summer in oz with my boys…


Live Labs’ Security Token Service Implementation

Are you using CardSpace? keen to try it out with a Security Token Service? Live Lab has this STS implementation for you to play with right now…