Virtual Earth Academic Research Collaboration Award

To get a peek into what current R&D are happening around the online geo-information area, here is the list of research topics by the 10 Virtual Earth research award receipients: Techniques for Rendering Effective Tourist Maps Semantic Enrichment of Street Side Imagery City Capture Enhancement of Photographs Using Virtual Earth Efficient Image Correspondence and Indexing Methods…


Via Windows Live

Bronwen is doing some cool stuff for the Live developer community! Go and be part of it!


"Place To Space" Revisited, Framework for thinking about Next Web Business Models

Michael convinced me to skip a Saturday with the family, and instead, going along to Barcamp 2, meeting, chatting to tech brains and generally hanging out at the Sydney Web 2.0 start up scene. Thanks to Beat, I was also equipped with some nice visual schematics (based on the book Place To Space), and shared with…


Launching your product in a new country

Austrade has this great resource. You’ll find a set of country profiles on technology markets catering for the Australian startup/exporter!